Trey Lance has good reasons not to make a 40-yard sprint on Pro Day

Trey Lance has good reasons not to make a 40-yard sprint on Pro Day

Trey Lance will not make a 40-yard sprint on professional game days, and he has a logical explanation for why.

Although the 40-yard sprint has become a well-known indicator of NFL joint and professional game days, it is beginning to become obsolete. This event measures the speed of players, but only if you take off their pads and place them in a less stressful environment. We now have better data to track the player’s speed in the actual game.

When talking to Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network about why he didn’t run 40, Lance told the story of his running in college. In the FCS National Championship against James Madison, it was a 44-yard game. Lance said that he was wearing a GPS tracker and his running speed was 21.54 mph during that run.

Next Gen Stats stated that the run will be ranked 12th among all ball players and first among quarterbacks last season.

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“I really like GPS. I think it makes sense,” Lance told NFL Network. “I am not the one who makes the final decision, but it makes sense to have the player’s true speed instead of 40. I know that as long as someone remembers, 40 is always part of the joint and draft process, so I understand this. But (GPS ) Can say a lot with certainty.”

Lance decided to let his game speak for themselves instead of running 40 points, which may continue the recent trend. Daniel Jeremiah of the NFL Network hinted at this a few weeks ago.

In recent years, other mobile quarterbacks, such as Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray, have also opted out of the 40-yard dash (though Jackson has another reason). In any case, these two quarterbacks were selected in the first round and achieved success in the NFL.

Although Lance will not make a formal 40-yard sprint, we roughly know what he will run. Anthony Hobgood, a performance manager who has worked with Lance, told NFL Network that in the 40-yard sprint attempt with Lance, he always timed Lance at 4.5 seconds. This will make him the fastest quarterback of last year, Jalen Hurts, who scored 4.54 on the combine harvester. Michael Vick achieved the fastest QB score ever with a score of 4.33.

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