TJ Osborne is not sure whether to bring partners to CMA Awards | People

TJ Osborne is not sure whether to bring partners to CMA Awards | People

TJ Osborne argued not to take his boyfriend to the CMA awards ceremony.

The 36-year-old musician-came out as gay in February-when the Osborne brothers were announced as the winner of the best vocal duo of the year at an awards ceremony in Nashville on Wednesday (November 21) At the time, he shared a kiss with his partner Abiventura, but he admitted that he was not sure whether to invite his partner because he did not want to “make anyone uncomfortable.”

However, even though some of his “fears” have “sneaked into” the public perception, TJ finally felt that taking Abi with him would set a good example.

He said: “I thought,’I hope this will not make anyone uncomfortable, but this is how I feel.’ I love this person and I want to open my heart in every way.

“hope [it can] Show people that they don’t need to hide or change themselves in any way. “

The country star admitted that his boyfriend also had reservations.

He said: “He may be more nervous than anyone else, he may feel very uncomfortable…

“He is very, very cute. He is my boyfriend, [and] He is a lovely person. “

Despite his reservations, TJ admitted that he ultimately felt “so accepted and loved by my peers” at the event.

When the Osborne brothers came on stage to perform “The Young Me”, TJ admitted to the audience that he never expected to be accepted in the rural world because of his sexual orientation.

He said: “For many years, I have watched this show year after year. I always think how incredible it will be. I dream of standing on this stage.

“And there are many things that are a lot of obstacles for me. And I always truly feel that because of my sexual orientation, it will never be possible to be here.

“I just hope, I hope, my young I can see me now.”

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