The Pros and Cons Of Writing a Shoe Blog

The Pros & & Cons of Writing a Shoe Blog

This upcoming August I’ll be appearing 6 years of writing a shoe blog This shoe blog, obviously! Man, simply writing those words: 6 years That’s a very long time, individuals. Considering most quit blogging after 3 months, that kinda makes ShoeTease old in the style blogosphere.

I have actually found out a whole lot throughout this time around. But do not obtain me incorrect: I’m still discovering brand-new points day-to-day & & tolerating experiencing extremely inflamed & & incredible things. Many particular to shoe blog writing specifically.

Writing a shoe blog - ShoeTease

Aside from being asked why I began a shoe blog to begin with, individuals typically question what makes discussing footwear, well, various. And various it is. I’m typically thought about a style blog owner & & I obtain that: I blog concerning footwear & footwear are style besides! But apart from the weird shoe styling/outfit message below & & there, shoe blog writing is not the very same. There is no “way of living” entailed, no dish sharing, no traveling starving. Unless, obviously, you think about shoe hoarding a way of living. I understand I do!

As with all specific niche blog writing, there are several benefits & & specific drawbacks that feature concentrating on one specific subject. Especially relative to females’s footwear. Here are a couple of for me:

Pro: It’s Not About Me

Thank benefits! I do not need to display every pore as do appeal blog owners, or bare my heart like the mommy blog owners. Or subject individuals to my common unkempt OOTDs. True reality: I do not buy several clothing. I understand, SHOCKING.

But highlight of all, I hardly ever require to reveal my face. It’s freaking great! I do not have a specific trouble with my face ( well, possibly I’m having a little problem adapting to aging — yet aren’t all of us?), yet doing my make-up is a drag & & my hair’s constantly untidy. I’m additionally specifically secured when it involves individual issues & & I have a propensity of consuming my food, not Instagramming it.

But I’ll gladly share my footwear (not actually though!).

And thankfully with shoe blog writing, I reach adhere to a subject where I might voice my loud viewpoints & & sights on footwear, yet it does not rotate around me on a individual degree. I’m not from the selfie generation, what can I state?

Although I do understand I need to suck it up currently & & once again and reveal the face behind the heels (additionally not to be completely created the “faceless blog owner”!), I favor to stick to revealing skin from the knees down. Shoefies prior to selfies. It’s absolutely a adage to obey!

Which really brings me to a significant disadvantage of writing a shoe blog

Con: The Shoe Perverts

writing a shoe blog 3

Yep, I simply stated shoe deviants

Someone’s obtained ta discuss it & & it could also be me. Many males (and females) love feet && footwear in a … currently exactly how shall I place this naturally? In an unsavoury method? And there are so several as a matter of fact, that if fact be informed, I’ve really thought about taking my shoe blog in “an additional” instructions. It would certainly be a strong service choice, truly, seeing exactly how there’s a MASSIVE market for it. I imply, no person’s gon na also see my face right? Yeah, yet NO.

Let me insert below that I’m not passing reasoning on any one of these people. OK, well, possibly a little with my use the greatly packed term “deviant”! But, truly, whatever drifts your watercraft; I do not care. As long as you maintain my shoe blog & & I from it. There are simply some points that I do not intend to review, little bit much less see at 7am on a weekday early morning. Even if it is #TuesdayShoes day.

And it’s not simply a issue that my blog’s called ShoeTease (you can review exactly how I generated that name below). Many a style caring buddy on Twitter have actually quit taking shoefies only therefore.

I have actually some remarkably involved & & helpful fans on Twitter that perhaps guide in the direction of a quasi-unwholesome shoe caring instructions. But they understand where to fix a limit when it involves my PG-13 ranked shoe blog speaking about footwear within the context of style, not proclivity. The others, obtain obstructed.

#So rrynotSo rry

As a person based in Toronto, Canada (read: traditional & & high-strung) whose target market mostly includes style blog owners, controversy-free brand names & & day-to-day fashionistas, you simply can not be related to specific X-rated accounts, ya understand!?

Pro: I Get Lots of Shoes

writing a shoe blog lots of shoes

Fashion blog owners obtain great deals of things. I obtain great deals of footwear. Which makes good sense, create that’s what I’m blogging concerning!Obvs I absolutely enjoy footwear: using them, making them, assessing them. There’s absolutely nothing rather as thrilling as opening recently delivered shoe parcels. And to be able to examine out a lot of kinds of shoes & & shoe devices for my visitors is fulfilling & & enjoyable.

I obtain asked the amount of footwear I possess. I’m not truly certain, yet I believe I’ll create a message on that particular subject soon! But I can state that I obtain armfuls per month. You do the mathematics. I duplicate: 6 years

Con: Lack of Shoe Storage

With wonderful footwear comes wonderful duty. Like, where do I place them all !? I’m living evidence that a girl can have a lot of footwear.Seriously I live midtown so spacial restraints are a problem. And I do not live alone.

Do you have any type of concept exactly how much space a youngster occupies? Too several possible shoe wardrobes, that’s what!

I can not quite possibly toss out my household to produce even more space for footwear, yet I actually require an added space for every one of them. They’re presently spread throughout my house, lining my racks, counter tops & & floorings. And that’s simply the overflow from my wardrobes!

Not that I’m truly whining concerning it.Truly But yes, total & & utter #shoebloggerproblems!

Pro: Great for Search Engine Optimization

You understand all those blogging seminars & & blog writing blog owners informing you to maintain concentrated on one location of passion? Well, there’s a factor for that & & it has much less to do with just sticking out from the group. It’s a issue of Search Engine Optimization. Yes:Search Engine Optimization I can nerd out on the topic for hrs, yet below are my 2 cents:

If you’re discussing whatever connecting to style, food, traveling & & even more, internet search engine will not understand what to make from you precisely, particularly if your blog is reasonably brand-new. Start writing a whole lot concerning particular points such as, oh, I dunno, females’s footwear and Google will certainly begin revealing you the love. Like ending-up-on-the-first-page-of-search-results kinda love. Especially if you’re attempting to develop your blog as a best source. And believe me, there’s no love rather like Google love!

Of training course, you need to understand exactly how to harness that Search Engine Optimization possibility, once you do, it’s blogging gold & &(* )wonderful method to broaden your reach much past your present target market. a method to get one at the actual beginOr a:

Con are Highly Restrictive

writing a shoe blog 6

There great deal of points you can create when it come to footwear & & high heels. a of them have absolutely nothing to do with the physical item itself: like shoe devices & & shoe treatment. Some although limiting oneself to 1 subject is wonderful for Search Engine Optimization, it can be But little bit of a discomfort in the butt. I’m not mosting likely to exist: I often obtain shoe would certainly out.a, I

Yes can get ill of speaking about footwear, tired of finding out brand-new means to talk concerning & & picture them. ‘s much more difficult to maintain points fresh & & particularly hard to produce initial web content forIt Instagram to guide So little bit from my common a shoe blog centred web content, you could begin seeing message or more on my experiences with shoe blog writing. a understand, similar to this present one you read & & my most lately ranty message concerning why I intend to stop You! Instagram it’s still concerning footwear, right?Because you

Do blog? so, exists anything you discover specifically incredible or laborious concerning it?If xo

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