The passenger found a note in the toilet that said “I’m going to set this plane on fire”

The passenger found a note in the toilet that said “I’m going to set this plane on fire”

The passenger found a note in the toilet that said “I’m going to set this plane on fire”

  • The Egyptian Airways plane carrying 326 passengers is flying from Egypt to JFK International Airport
  • After the police searched and found “nothing suspicious”, the plane took off again
  • BBC producer Nada Tawfik found the note in the toilet and warned the crew
  • “I went to the staff immediately-it was very scary,” she said
  • Flight escorted by Typhoon fighter jets to Prestwick Airport in Glasgow
  • Received by armed personnel, surrounding roads are closed

A transatlantic flight made an emergency landing in Scotland after a passenger spotted a note saying “I am going to set this plane on fire” and returned to the air today.

After the police searched the plane overnight, it was allowed to continue to the United States this morning.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: “Officials conducted an extensive search of the aircraft and found no suspicious items.”

“Tense”: After an unplanned landing, the police greeted the passengers at Prestwick Airport

Fear: The flight was escorted by Royal Air Force Leuchars fighter jets

Alert: Strathclyde police confirmed that a “suspicious note” was found on the plane

On board: BBC New York producer Nada Tawfik found a note written on a napkin in the cabin toilet

The Egyptian Airways passenger plane carrying 326 people was escorted by Typhoon fighter jets from the British Royal Air Force Leuchars and encountered a convoy of six police cars at Glasgow Prestwick Airport.

On the way from Cairo to New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport, it was moved after a seemingly threatening note was found in the toilet.

Passenger Nada Tawfik, a producer from BBC New York, said on the plane that she found this note next to the toilet sink of the Boeing 777.

She immediately told the crew who locked the toilet.

Ms. Taufik, who was born in Egypt, flew back to New York after visiting her parents in Cairo for a month.

On Sunday, she told the Daily Mail on the plane that she went to use one of the toilets about three hours after the flight.

Then she saw the message on the napkin, which read: “I’m going to set the plane on fire.” Seat 46D.

Ms. Taufik said: “I was immediately terrified and thought of my daughter. I walked to the back of the plane and showed the note to the staff.

“They locked the bathroom and said they would take care of it. But nothing happened for a while and I was frightened, thinking we were in danger. I even walked through 46D, but only an old woman was sitting there I don’t think this is a joke. Who is making such a joke on the plane now?

After landing at 2:30 pm yesterday afternoon, the passengers had little knowledge of what happened while they were waiting, and they became angry and frustrated. Ms. Taufik said: “It’s very chaotic here.”

Stranded: The Egyptian Airlines flight is still in a secluded part of the airport with 326 passengers on board

Earlier, she told the BBC News channel how she notified the crew as soon as she found the note.

She said: “It’s on a tissue paper written in pencil. The pencil is actually there, so I told the staff to keep it so they can leave any fingerprints on it. They immediately locked the bathroom, so No one can go in.

“It almost looks like the handwriting of a child or a very sloppy person, but it is very shocking, especially today when everyone is so concerned about flight safety.” I said to a flight attendant, “I don’t know. Is this a prank”, they said no, it cannot be a prank.

“Either someone has a terrible sense of humor, or, you know, it’s terrible.

“Ongoing”: The Strathclyde police disembarked and interviewed everyone on board yesterday, and then they continued their journey this morning

Concern: This passenger plane from Egypt to New York was diverted to Glasgow Prestwick Airport and was received by armed police

Alert: About six armed police forces were rushed to the airport to meet the plane

After surrounding the plane in a secluded area of ​​the airport, the police finally allowed the passengers to disembark.

All 326 people on board got off the plane for police questioning, which took six hours.

Detective Superintendent Alan Crawford of Police Scotland said: “There were 326 people on the plane. When it approached British and Scottish airspace, a suspicious note was found. The captain and crew moved to Prestwick.

“The vast majority of passengers have now safely evacuated from the plane, and I fully expect them to be evacuated with the crew soon.”

“It is likely that different nationalities are involved, which may be a challenge for us, but we have officials and interpreters who can talk to everyone.

“The airport is still open, and no one else in the airport is threatened.”

Mr. Crawford continued: “Passengers will be taken to a safe place and talk to officials.

“No one was handcuffed, and no one was detained or arrested. We are continuing to investigate the notes found and their sources and motives.”

“Due to this incident today, the threat of terrorism has not increased. The police and emergency services continue to train on such incidents. Today is a demonstration of all relevant agencies that passengers are evacuating safely.

Discovery: BBC producer Nada Tawfik said she found this note in the toilet of the plane

‘This note, no matter what narrative it contains, we must take it seriously and maintain the safety of passengers and crew.

“Whether this is a hoax or not, a thorough investigation will be conducted to determine the situation. We can never write something as a hoax without an investigation.

“The captain decided to transfer the plane. The police will now investigate the source of this note to see if we can determine who put it on the plane and the circumstances that led to this situation.”

Prestwick Airport is the designated airport for emergency handling.

The police stated that the order of people getting off the plane is coordinated to help reunite family members and help take care of elderly or infirm passengers.

There were 326 people on board, including 307 passengers.

Scottish Attorney General Kenny MacAskill said: “I am very happy that all passengers are safe and sound. Scottish government officials have been cooperating with the Scottish Police and other agencies and I am kept abreast of developments.

“Police Scotland have been following the rules for handling such incidents.”

The dramatic landing took place a few weeks after a similar incident, in which a Pakistan International Airlines flight was escorted to Stansted Airport by a Royal Air Force tycoon jet after a dispute occurred on board.

The two men were later accused of endangering the aircraft.

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