The millionaire’s 18-year-old son will go to space with Jeff Bezos, but only with Elon Musk

The millionaire’s 18-year-old son will go to space with Jeff Bezos, but only with Elon Musk

Oliver Daemen will be the youngest man in space (Blue Origin)

He probably didn’t want to be called “shotgun.”

On an awkward road trip, the 18-year-old hitched a ride with Jeff Bezos into orbit and appeared to be a big Elon Musk fan.

Oliver Day goalkeeper will become the youngest man in space after an original paying customer gave up his $28 million ticket to a New Shepard rocket. He rebooked the July 20th departure.

In a new Twitter account that appeared to have been created for the occasion on June 21, as of Thursday morning, Mr. Dimen had followed only 11 accounts, none of which were Mr. Bezos’s.

In addition to Mr. Musk, however, is the official account of SpaceX, a fierce competitor to Mr. Bezos and his Blue Origin company. Mr Oliver does follow the official Blue Origin account, as well as Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, NASA and the International Space Station.

Besides Mr Musk, the other four figures he is currently following are Joe Biden, U.S. Space Force General Jay Raymond, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Dutch F1 driver Max Verstappen.

The Dutch high school graduate, who went to Utrecht University in a gap year to study physics and innovation management, was declared the last passenger after the original ticket holder dropped out and offered his seat to the runner-up.

Blue Origin said it would “fulfill a lifelong dream” for Oliver, who has been fascinated by space, the moon and rockets since he was four years old. They did not say how he was selected or how much the ticket cost.

In a live auction on June 12, 20 bidders placed bids of $4.8 million, in increments of up to $1 million, until the runner-up came in at $27 million, before the gavel sold for $28 million.

Unless Mr Oliver has one of the best summer jobs a teenager has ever had, his father, Joes Daemn, is likely to be the winning bidder he then gives his son.

Mr. Daemen is the CEO and founder of hedge fund Somerset Capitol Partners, which he founded in 2009, combining his background in real estate investing, financial markets and private equity. Which check it out.

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He will join Wally Funk, 82, as the oldest person in space. The rest of the passengers will consist of Mr Bezos and his brother Mark.

“We thank the auction winners for their generous support of the Future Club and are honored to welcome Oliver aboard the New Shepard with us,” said Blue Origin CEO Bob Smith. “This marks the start of New Shepard’s commercial operations, and Oliver represents a new generation who will help us forge the path to space.”

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