The Elbaz Shoes ‘n bits for H&M: Lanvin, of course!

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Colourful Lanvin for H&M Shoes
Colourful Lanvin for H&M Shoes – $99

So the pictures for the really costly Lanvin/ H&M partnership have simply been launched.The colours & & kinds are wonderful, the shoes are terribly adorable, yet the textiles as well as products– really à la H&M– are looking a little cheap-o.And if I can identify this using the expert digital photography, I’m not sure whether a heavily lengthy schedule deserves it. Or possibly I’m simply trying to persuade myself right into conserving the scraps left in my pocketbook? Hmm … possibly

Ruby Red Lanvin for H&M Necklace – $39.95

I do, nonetheless, requirement the fantastic red locket & & amusing little leggy, tutu-necked tee gown (although I’m additionally believing of coming to be greatly “influenced” by this development as well as creating one myself. I do develop shoe-tees, besides!). As for the shoes, I might * wheeze * hand down these. The vamp is a little high for my preference (I locate my toes deserve their reasonable share of bosom!) as well as my really delicate shoe-sense is, well, picking up a high degree of ouch-factor. But however, do not knock ’em ’till you attempt ’em, right?

But sufficient concerning me, what do you believe of the shoes? Scroll- her to see:

Tutu Lanvin for H&M Tee Dress – $49.95

Leopard Bling Lanvin for H&M Shoes – $99

Ruby Red Lanvin for H&M Patent Pumps – $99

Black Patent Lanvin for H&M Shoes – $99

I intend to hear your ideas !!

xo ShoeTease

Photo Credits:Fabsugar com

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