StinkBoss Review | Ozone Shoe Deodorizer Box

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StinkBOSS Review: Ozone Shoe Deodorizer Box

Most e-mails that strike my shoe blog site inbox are a little bit of a snooze fest. StinkBOSS’s e-mail concerning their ozone smell elimination maker remained in no chance, form, or kind, among those. Come on, an oven-like gizmo made especially to take the odor out of your odiferous footwear, skates, tennis shoes? Called the STINK “EMPLOYER”?!!! I suggest, exactly how freaking unusual and also AWESOME is that!?

StinkBoss Review|Ozone Shoe Deodorizer

OK, so your most likely first feedback to this blog post is definitely mosting likely to be of the “Whaaaaaaat!?” selection. I obtain it. It was my own the very first 20 some strange secs too. Until I understood this is among the raddest shoe treatment products to cross my course in a while. I have actually been shoe blogging for practically 7 years && assumed I had actually seen all feasible shoe devices, gizmos & & such. But fortunately, innovation, advancement & & thinkers remain to maintain us on our toes. Yes, word play here planned

So I make sure your analysis this assuming that I run out my mind. Or actually delighted concerning StinkBOSS since my footwear scent THAT negative. Owning as lots of footwear as I do, they in fact do not. None of them obtain sufficient use to accomplish odiferous extremes.

However, I recognize many individuals that play sporting activities where perspiring, stinky footwear & & equipment is an issue. Including several of my close friends. My objective for this blog post, in addition to examining the StinkBOSS, was to locate the “best” shoes to check it on.

So I blew up out my pursuit to seek one of the most nasty scenting set using my individual social networks. Among those examined, were some moms and dads of teens at my kid’s college (yes, they assumed I was insane!). In completion, the most awful wrongdoers were a set of treking boots from a buddy’s partner.

Let’s simply call him “Tom” for the objectives of this blog post. For visual factors, you will not see these boots in this blog post. It’s negative sufficient that I’m speaking concerning fetid footwear, do not require to display them also, best!?

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Instead of experiencing the activities of a routine item review, this moment around I’m going to obtain best to addressing your concerns. Actually, these were my first concerns before reviewing & & examining out the StinkBOSS. I wager you’re asking yourselves comparable ones, so below goes:

1. What is the StinkBOSS?

The StinkBOSS is an ozone shoe deodorizer box that dries out, sterilizes & & anti-bacterials. And most significantly, it’s constructed to get rid of shoe smell. It’s not a cleaning maker, however, so dirtied footwear entering will certainly appear simply a filthy!

2. Is it hefty?

I assumed it was, particularly as a result of the nefariousness of the plan it can be found in! Turns out it’s really light & & quickly mobile.

3. How does it function?

Ozone smell elimination is the video game! Yes, medically talking, StinkBOSS usages Ozone– a gas that responds with anything it enters into call with– to eliminate the germs related to smells. The StinkBOSS box produces the Ozone to separate oxygen particles and also to distribute brand-new ozone particles throughout your footwear. The shoe horns discovered inside the StinkBOSS are in fact air vents that permit the gas to pass & & distribute straight inside your footwear.

4. Is it tough to make use of?

Not in any way. And this originating from a person without any technological experience! Essentially you connect the StinkBOSS in, & & transform it on. Then open cover utilizing the black launch switch & & area your footwear onto the shoe horns.After which, you electronically pick your time, choose if you require to make use of the warm feature or otherwise & & press beginning. Voil à! The maker features a fool-proof detailed quick-start overview too

5. Can you utilize it for products aside from footwear?

Yes, definitely! Since the StinkBOSS gets rid of smell by eliminating the connected germs, so it’s risk-free. very easy & & absolutely makes good sense to make use of for items aside from footwear. For circumstances, different sorts of sporting activities equipment such as handwear covers, hats, socks, knee pads & & even more.

6. Can it harm my footwear & Gear?

Whether your utilizing the drying out feature on moist footwear or otherwise, StinkBOSS does not create sufficient warm or generate any type of bi-product to harm your footwear & & products.

7. What’s the greatest dimension shoe that can fit inside?

The shoe horns inside the StinkBOSS that hold the footwear inverted can stand up to a dimension 14 shoe.

8. How long does it take?

A whole lot longer than I assumed! At very first my close friends & & I (yes, I had a target market!) assumed the electronic timer suggested mins, yet learning more very closely, we understood it can take anywhere from half an hour to 6 HRS (!) to totally odor-proof your footwear! The stinkier your footwear & & equipment, the even more time it will certainly take. Expect it to take additional time if you require to make use of the warm feature.

9. Is it risk-free?

I asked StinkBOSS & & they specified the following: “As with anything else, ozone can be made use of inaccurately or in risky quantities. However, the ozone created in the StinkBOSS adheres to ULStandard No 867, which manages home use ozone. Be certain to shut the cover while running, and also adhere to the individual handbook”

However risk-free, the Ozone generated by the StinkBOSS has a solid odor (assume jet airplane gas with a dash of chlorine) that my close friends & & I really did not especially require to, while we were utilizing it in my living-room. Unfortunately for us, with the -15 Degrees Celcius climate outside, opening up the home windows was not a choice! Next time, I will certainly utilize it outside, in a garage or bigger, well-ventilated location. Especially if I’ll be utilizing it for longer amount of times.

10. How frequently do I require to utilize it?

StinkBOSS advises running the maker at the complete 6 hr cycle for the very first usage, and afterwards for much shorter 2 human resources cycles after whenever you wear/sweat/stink up your footwear or product.

11. Does it in fact function?

Ha, so the CRUCIAL inquiry I have conserved for last: does the StinkBOSS in fact function? Considering we made use of the ozone shoe deodorizer for just 1 hr vs. the suggested 6 on Tom’s odiferous treking boots, it most absolutely removed the odor. And I have actually been scenting them each day for a week currently & & still no indication of the initial odor! And although the boots do scent like the Ozone generated by the maker to ventilate & & disinfect, it does not seem concealing it.

StinkBOSS REview|Conclusion

To that summarizes my StinkBOSS review for today. The StinkBOSS ozone deodorizer maker is most definitely a cutting-edge & & valuable device to contend one’s disposal for removing smell from footwear & & stinky equipment. Especially if you have a bigger family members with sporting activities equipment you prefer to not muck up your residence with!

I currently have a couple of moms and dads asking me if they can utilize it to counteract their teen kid’s hockey equipment & & football footwear & I’m greater than satisfied to share I suggest, if 6 hrs of StinkBOSS does not get rid of the odor, after that I do not think anything will!

You obtain your very own StinkBOSS ozone shoe deodorizer & & sanitizer from Amazon or straight from the brand name’s web site over at

The StinkBOSS has actually just recently been called finalist in the IHAGlobal Innovation Awards A just congrats to them! You can learn more concerning it below.

xo Cristina

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