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Lip augmentation by injection of hyaluronic acid in Paris

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Lips can be normally slim, or end up being thinner with time. Hyaluronic acid is a rapid as well as efficient strategy to develop an unified as well as all-natural lip augmentation.

Swelling of the lips by injection of hyaluronic acid: a plump mouth

The swelling of the lips by hyaluronic acid is done in 10 mins, in the physician’s workplace. The result lasts 8 to year.

We quickly emphasize the relevance of having an all-natural outcome, as well as as a result of not over-inflating the lips, which develops extremely unpleasant synthetic mouths. For this, we constantly execute second retouching 10 days after the session, to stay clear of overfilling the quantities first.

Goals of lip swelling

Hyaluronic acid assists to recreate a fuller mouth by 2 mixed activities:

  • Hem the lip by revising the lip shape: this draws out a lip that goes in, as well as recreates a much more sensuous Cupid’s bow.
  • Thicken a lip to offer it back form as well as a fuller look

What are the reasons of slim lips?

  • They are usually connected to the morphology of the client. The rise demand can after that issue young or older ladies.
  • Thin lips can likewise comply with aging, in certain by steady traction of the underlying bone sustains, sunlight direct exposure, cigarette, alcohol. The indicator of swelling of the lips after that problems ladies around 40-50 years of ages.

Which acid for lip swelling?

Due to its flexibility as well as its solid vascularization, the lip is a location where hyaluronic acid is quickly soaked up. The lip calls for an item adjusted to these restraints.

We as a result make use of an extremely crosslinked hyaluronic acid in order to get an item that is extra immune to absorption, in order to ensure an optimum period (8 to year).

Our choice mosts likely to acids particularly developed for the lips: Emervel Lips (Galderma lab), Volbella (Allergan lab).

How is the lip swelling session with hyaluronic acid accomplished?


The lip is highly innervated, so we constantly carry out get in touch with anesthetic by using an anesthetic lotion thirty minutes to 1 hr, prior to the injection.

In enhancement, we infuse a hyaluronic acid having lidocaine (an effective anesthetic), to lower the discomfort as the lip sculpting proceeds.


After sanitation of the lips, we continue to the therapy:

  • to recreate the hem: hyaluronic acid is straight infused right into the line dividing the red lip from the white lip
  • to enlarge the lip: shots are made in the red lip intramuscularly as well as intraoral submucosa, to recreate quantity

After the shots

The lips can be inflamed for 2 days to an optimum of 4 days. Applying ice helps in reducing edema.

The resumption of social as well as specialist tasks is instant. No social exemption.

What is the outcome of the swelling of the lips by hyaluronic acid?

  • The result is instant. It shows up in the workplace, following the injection of hyaluronic acid.
  • A duration of a couple of days is needed to evaluate the outcome of the hyaluronic acid shots. This is the moment it considers the responsive edema to go away.
  • The result is usually extremely sufficient.
  • I constantly execute a follow-up appointment on D10 to retouch the lips.

Consequences as well as threats of swelling of the lips

These are those of hyaluronic acid

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