Lady Gaga Penis Shoes on Heels

So Lady Gaga used some fascinating shoes at her American Idol look. Censored (yet obviously!), these Gaga penis heels are evidently popular where shoes are worried. Maybe this will begin a vibrator shoes & & style fad? One inquiries I must ask: are the heels detatcheable? Just sayin’ …

Gotta have these heels? Well, after that, head on over to British tag’s Void of Course web site & & go obtain your extremely own for a plain 2,800.00 extra pounds! Yes, that’s approximately $4,500 USDs. Nope you really did not review it incorrect.

… which is amusing that the arrogant heels are British, as they rather advise me of an additional UK developer that produced her extremely own penis mary-jane satisfies Mickey Mouse fluffery for her Erotic Zones collection in 1995. Yes, Vivienne Westwood‘s illustration is a whole lot much less scary-looking than the real footwear itself (scroll down). I presume that entire, “no sex, we’re British” can be thrown away the home window

Happy Friday the 13th!

xo ShoeTease

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