Kirk Herbstreit Is Married To His Wife Allison Butler – Facts You Should Know About The Herbstreit Family

Kirk Herbstreit Is Married To His Wife Allison Butler – Facts You Should Know About The Herbstreit Family

Kirk Herbstreet Considered the face of college football, serving as ESPN’s college game day analyst and bowl game commentator of color, Kirk is one of college football’s most recognized off-court pros.

But not only is he an analyst, but the Ohio State grad is also a player himself, playing for the Ohio State Buckeyes, where he was a quarterback from 1989 to 1992 and was a team player co-captain of . His father also played for the Buckeyes before him and played football in the family.

Football is also the reason why CFB Voice was able to find the love of a lifetime; his wife, Alison Butler. The couple have been together for almost three years now, and if it wasn’t for football, they might never have met. Here’s everything you need to know about Kirk Herbstreet’s wife Alison Butler and her married life.

Kirk Herbstreit and his wife Allison Butler met in college

Kirk Herbstreit has been married to his wife Allison Butler for over twenty years.
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Kirk Herbstreet was the Buckeyes’ starting QB when Alison Butler cheered on the team as part of the Ohio State cheerleading squad. Alison and Kirk first met in college and they’ve been together ever since.

Kirk posed the question after dating for about four years, and the beautiful couple married in 1998. Soon after the pair got married, they set out to start a family in 2000, and the lovebirds shared their vows about two years after Alison walked down the aisle.

How many children do Kirk Herbstreit and his wife Allison Butler have together?

Kirk Herbstreit and wife Allison Butler are proud parents to their four sons.
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Two years after the couple were married, Alison was pregnant with their first child. Kirk and Alison did not have a single child, but were fortunate enough to have twins. The married couple was ecstatic about the arrival of the baby, but not everything went according to Kirk and his wife’s plan.

Alison had a routine checkup around 20 weeks into her pregnancy when doctors discovered some complications. Their baby was due to be born prematurely, and to give them the possibility of survival, doctors ordered Alison to stay in the hospital on complete bed rest.

Tye and Jake Herbstreit are the twin sons of Kirk Herbstreit and wife Allison Butler.
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Kirk said Alison, with sheer determination and will, kept the baby for another eight weeks in a situation she couldn’t take any longer. The children were born about ten weeks premature, and Kirk said their son was so young that his wedding ring may have gone past his knees.

After intensive care and some miracles, Thai Herbal Street and Jack Herbst Was able to weather the storm and is now carrying on a family tradition of playing college football. Two years later, their third sons, Tye and Jake Zak Herbstreit Born in 2002, four years later, the couple’s fourth and final son Chase Herbstreet Born in 2006.

Kirk Herbstreit, his wife and their family were forced to leave Ohio

Kirk Herbstreit spent time at his alma mater Ohio State University after his game days, but then he worked at a radio station and later as an analyst for various sports networks. He quickly became the number one person for college football information, and while serving as an analyst, he was not so kind to his alma mater.

Ohio State Buckeyes fans took issue with the fact that their own people criticized them on national television. Kirk gives his honest opinion, but the mean fans make life difficult for Kirk and his family.

Kirk Herbstreet’s family was forced to move out of Ohio due to the fan’s mean behavior.

Kirk Herbstreet’s family was forced to move out of Ohio due to the fan’s mean behavior.
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Every day, Kirk said, cars pass by his house, park near his porch, and drive away, but things got darker when a publication leaked Kirk’s home address and pointed it out on Google Maps.

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It was too much and the family moved from Ohio to their new Tennessee home after his wife Alison called him crying.

The Herbstreit family is a divided house

Kirk Herbstreit and his wife, Allison Butler, studied at Ohio State University, but their two eldest sons played for Clemson.
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A lifelong fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes, Kirk Herbstreit and all of his sons are fans of the team. Alison Butler, a former team cheerleader, knew where her allegiance lay, but as the kids grew up and the twins went to college, they chose to go to Clemson.

Tye and Jack got a roster at Clemson, so they joined the academy, while the two younger brothers were die-hard Ohio State fans. The family feud came to a head in December when Ohio State and Clemson met in the college football semifinals.

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Sitting in the Ohio area, the brothers are on the court, Kirk is commenting on the game, and Alison is heavy-hearted, wearing Clemson gear to support her two oldest sons. When it comes to football, the Herbstreit family is a divided house.

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