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Junko Shimada Crochet Frog Sock Heels: Ugly or Interesting?

This article was most lately upgraded on July 5th, 2021

Crochet Frog Sock Heels: Ugly or Interesting?

My close friend Simone over at is constantly thinking about ShoeTease when ugly footwear cross her course (wait a sec … is that an advantage)? Just the various other week, she sent me this incredibly unusual frog high heel fromPinterest It’s a footwear. But if you look carefully, it’s actually a sock. Or perhaps a sock over a footwear?

Actually, I’m not rather certain what it is! Either means, it is just one of those footwear makes that I can not assist yet value. I indicate, that thinks about creating footwear with weaved sock overlays? And with a frog, lily pads & & sissies on them … for grownups?

Such an insane discussion starter & & guaranteed means to obtain your picture broke at style week! I would certainly be so interested to see these footwear personally. Even if simply to figure out just how they’re made & & just how the hell they had the ability to move a sock over the pump. Or probably they crocheted it best onto it? Who recognizes?!

It comes as not a surprise that this is a footwear created by Junko Shimada You have actually most likely seen the amazing flower appliqué strappy McQueen-esque wedges Junko created from her S/S 2008 collection. If you have not, these are them, listed below, additionally got hold of from Pinterest:

Flower wedges Junko Shimada

Whether you assume these layouts are wacky or crazy, it’s difficult to refute the creative thinking variable. Such an excellent retreat from day-to-day footwear truth. Which can be simply.So Boring.

What’s your take on these diverse footwear, especially the crochet frog sock heels?

PS: If you like having a look at odd (as well as occasionally fantastic) footwear, make certain to have a look at my curated choice of odd footwear right here, or my ugly footwear Pinterest board also.

Happy Friday!

xo Cristina

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