Jess Power and Imogen Anthony broke down with Ellie Gonsalves on BBVIP

Jess Power and Imogen Anthony broke down with Ellie Gonsalves on BBVIP

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While enjoying a feast to celebrate entering the top five, the remaining roommates were dumbfounded Big brother It is revealed that Ellie and Dane will be able to fight for the opportunity to return to the game in the challenge.

Jess and Imogen are now walking down from the heights that drove Ellie out, facing to see her again after they were dazzled.

“I just hate it! I want to win!” Jess screamed, then slammed her hands on the table.

“I won’t leave here before any of them,” she vowed.

Watch: Imogen and Jess are crushed by Ellie’s return. The story continues after the video.

“I stabbed Ellie in the back. I did it just because I thought [at the] At the last minute, “If I don’t vote for her because everyone else is like that, then there will be a goal on my back,”” Imogen said later in the diary room.

“I have to deal with the embarrassment of seeing her tomorrow. I just don’t want to go through all this embarrassment. I want to curl up into a ball and walk away.”

Jess and Imogen then rampaged in the hotel. Screaming and throwing outdoor furniture all over the backyard.

“Is this what you want?! Is this the TV you want? Then you have it!” Imogen yelled jokingly. “I’ve had enough. There is a big problem,” she continued, then frantically searching for her champagne.

“You forced me to be such a person. This is not me. Tomorrow I will regret this whole rant, and then I will feel worse.”

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To make the situation more tense, Dane and Allie could hear the girls erupt from their voices hiding in the gym.

“They are screaming. They are rampaging,” Allie said. “It’s interesting because they also find it difficult to complete.”

The next morning, the remaining five roommates finally reunited with Dane and Allie in the challenge. In the end, Josh and Tom won, which means that both Dane and Allie will be nominated.

Channel Seven

Back at the hotel, Ellie enters survival mode and tries to throw a ball at her roommate, while Dane sits down and thinks his position is safe.

Allie seemed to compensate Imogen and Jace, telling them that despite the betrayal, she would still not vote for them.

“I just want her to think that we still have a very close friendship…but I am very interested in her. I don’t trust her,” Jace admitted in the diary room.

In the deportation room, there was only one vote to separate them, and Dayne was eventually sent home (this time it was true).

Big Brother VIP will be broadcast on Channel 7 every Monday to Wednesday at 7:30 pm.

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