Googles Eyed Monster Mary Jane Shoes

Because there is absolutely nothing I enjoy far better than to see a scared cartoon-like face looking awkwardly up at me. From my feet. Possibly a strange excellent collection of shoes to use when you remain in a state of mindYou understand what I’m discussing right here. And no, it’s not PMS. That would certainly simply be impolite. And a little sexist. But I swerve …

Mary Janes for a serious instance of the Mondays, probably? Would certain beat a declaration tee. In creativity.

Hope you’re having a far better Friday than this strange collection of cross-eyed little points!

That is all.

These adorable little shoes are from EM&&Sprout’s wacky shop on Etsy!

xo ShoeTease
Photo Credit: Em&& Sprout from theirEtsy shop

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