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Frizz: How to fight frizz in 5 tips?

Frisottis : Comment lutter contre les frisottis en 5 astuces ? - Lucette

You do not constantly think of it, however the means you completely dry your hair can actually dehydrate it and also produce unpleasant frizz.

For instance, theduplicated use the hairdryer is not suggested if you have kinky and also dried hair. Indeed, the warmth is really negative for the hair and also dries out the hair fiber.

So if you desire to eliminate frizz, begin with allow your hair air completely dry, they will certainly thank! And if for one reason or another you require to take out a hair clothes dryer, make sure to use warmth protectant. We suggest, for instance, SOS anti frizz milk with shea butter from Christophe Robin, a multi-action item that shields, to name a few points, from warmth.

In enhancement, we suggest that youquit wringing your hair with a timeless towel and also particularly of do not scrub them. There is absolutely nothing even worse! The technique is to wring them out by hand carefully (in the shower so as not to obtain water anywhere).

Then it is far better to cover them in a microfiber towel specifically created for drying out hair, or simply in an old cotton tee shirt.

Microfiber and also cotton are far more considerate and also soft on the hair, and also do not dehydrate it: whatever you desire!

2. Anti frizz suggestion # 2: Rinse your hair wisely

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