Freak-Shoe Friday: Earring Stabbing Stilettos!

Freak-Shoe Friday: Silver Shoes Earrings Burlesque bow Heels by Sarah Burchill

… after that comes a Freak-Shoe Friday article that does not also include footwear for your feet! Had to do a dual take on this, really did not ya ?! Aside from the first-glance scary S&M ambiance of the photo, the principle of heel bow heels puncturing their heels with an earring opening is quite imaginative things. And to believe that these itty-bitty productions are hand-carved by Swedish citizen Sarah Burchill (that so takes place to have origins in Canada), is instead excellent. Kinda makes the “routine” Italian craftsmen shoe-maker’s task feel like a breeze!

Not certain concerning you, however I would certainly be greater than delighted to put on these “weird” footwear, also known as non-shoes, in my ears anytime. Well, other than while resting. Wouldn’ t like to have a small heel pierce my head, thanks significantly.

$ 212 CAD for the evaluated Sarah’s Etsy store.

xo Shoe Tease

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