Freak-Shoe Friday: Converse Sneaker Conundrum

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ugly shoe strawberry platorms lace up all star chuck taylor

Ah, Converse: Loved by popstars, fashionistas & & the plain masses alike.You are a traditional. Iconic, truly. Everybody understands aChuck Taylor Everybody enjoys an All-Star!

Then eventually while going shopping the web, you discover on your own parked at Blackleaf com, where you’re unintentionally faced with strange shoes developments birthing the Converse logo design. You misunderstand.Confused Yes, that implies the exact same point, yet now you remain in visual shock & & can no more understand the English language. You do, nevertheless ask on your own if you have actually taken place on Strawberry Shortcake’s store of selection, or if, perchance, this system high-top is just a bigger photo of a young child footwear.

ugly shoe flats white lace up all star chuck taylor

But much more surprising without a doubt is the view of an inadequate little hacked-up Chuckie standing alone, quasi-naked & & scared. Not fairly a sneaker, not absolutely a shoe. Hardly aGladiator Not fairly anything, truly.

That is all.

xo Cristina

***This message was composed in cooperation withBlackleaf All point of views revealed are my very own. Obviously! ***

Photo Credit: First picture thanks toBlackleaf Other: Google

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