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Dyeing Hair with Indigo Powder: Best Kits & Tips

  • Indigo powder is a plant-derived all-natural hair color that provides the hair a brownish or dark black shade, relying on the beginning hair shade and also the dyeing procedure.
  • It is primarily utilized in mix with henna to reduce the effects of the red shade.
  • Indigo hair color adhere to hair constantly, and also you’ll simply require origin touch-ups every 4-6 weeks.
Dyeing Hair with Indigo Powder .

Indigo powder is your all-natural hair color choice for accomplishing deep, dark hair. It’s normally utilized in combination with henna, transforming the all-natural red color right into something darker and also extra neutral. Depending on just how it’s utilized, you can wind up with abundant redhead locks or with extreme raven black hair. If that’s the type of hair shade you imagine, maintain checking out to find out just how to accomplish it with this all-natural hair color!

To beginning, we have actually picked the most effective indigo powders you can acquire online. Then we enter into all the information concerning what indigo powder is, just how it functions, and also what are its advantages and also downsides.

We clarify just how to color hair with indigo to accomplish the outcomes you desire, in addition to just how to look after it after the reality. Finally, if you have actually currently started and also have some remorses, we additionally have some tips for fading indigo hair color from the hair.

Indigo Powder for Hair Guide: Contents

5 Best Indigo Powders for Hair to Try

Ready to begin with indigo hair color? These are the most effective indigo powders you can buy online!

1. H& amp; C 100% Natural Indigo Powder for Hair

Let’s beginning with something easy– simply an 8 oz bag of indigo powder for hair that you can utilize nevertheless you such as. The indigo powder below behaves and also smooth, that makes for very easy blending, and also it can be used after you have actually henna would certainly your hair, combined with henna, or alone if you’re a redhead wishing to go also darker. Buy it on Amazon!

Best Indigo Powder for Hair: H&C 100% Natural Indigo Powder for Hair

2. The Henna Guys Indigo Powder for Hair Dye/ Color

Sourced from India, this is one more wonderful alternative for indigo hair color. If it’s your very first time attempting an indigo powder, the good feature of this brand name is that they offer extremely extensive guidance on just how to utilize it. It is available in a couple of dimensions, however if you’re brand-new, you’ll wish to begin tiny with a 7 oz bag. You’ll need to provide your very own handwear covers and also brush to use it. You can obtain it on Amazon.

Best Indigo Powder for Hair: The Henna Guys Indigo Powder for Hair Dye/ Color

3. Zenia Indigo Powder

This tiny 3.5 oz bag consists of simply sufficient indigo powder for single usage on lengthy hair or for blending with henna. As with lots of various other brand names, the indigo is sourced from India, and also it’s devoid of any kind of chemicals or fillers– only the easy plant powder. It’s offered with Amazon.

Best Indigo Powder for Hair: Zenia Indigo Powder

4. Mi Nature Natural Indigo Powder

This high-grade indigo powder is one more wonderful option. As with various other indigo choices, it’s sourced fromIndia It is available in a naturally degradable bag that holds 4 oz of item, so it’s an extremely green option. Use it with your preferred henna item! Order it on the internet using Amazon!

Best Indigo Powder for Hair: Mi Nature Natural Indigo Powder

5. Pride of India Herbal Indigo (Indigofera Tinctoria) Hair Color Powder with Gloves

This is the only alternative on our checklist that consists of a little bit greater than simply indigo powder. This item is a mix of indigo, amla, and also incorrect sissy. As an outcome, it’s a little bit extra conditioning to the hair than various other indigo powders. It is available in a tiny plastic bathtub, which makes sure quality and also also consists of some handwear covers! Pick it up from Amazon!

Best Indigo Powder for Hair: Pride of India Herbal Indigo (Indigofera Tinctoria) Hair Color Powder with Gloves

What Is Indigo Powder?

Indigo powder is an all-natural color made from the fallen leaves of a plant called Indigofera tinctoria. The color made from the indigo leaves has actually been utilized by human beings for hundreds of years, specifically for dyeing textile. It was an incredibly vital product for centuries as a result of its capacity to present an abundant blue shade. However, when related to the hair, the indigo plant really produces a much more complicated pigment that can be changed for various impacts.

Though the indigo powder at first looks light environment-friendly, it transforms a darker blue-black color when blended with water. When related to the hair, indigo provides it a darker actors of blue-black. This can look impressive when used over dark brownish hair because it transforms it virtually black, although, on lighter hair shades, the outcome can be plain and also green-tinged.

Because of this, indigo is most typically utilized in combination with henna. The 2 powders can be blended with each other, or indigo can be used after henna, which provides the hair a much deeper and also extra complementary brownish or black-brown color.

Pros & & Cons ofDyeing Hair with Indigo Powder

Indigo powder is impressive for the hair, however it’s extremely various from making use of common hair color. Let’s enter into even more information concerning the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing it!

What Is Indigo Powder?


  • Wonderful for dimming the hair
  • Much gentler than mainstream color
  • Can be used in various means to accomplish various impacts
  • Early pet research studies think that indigo might aid with hair development


  • Longer procedure than making use of conventional color
  • Usually requires to be utilized along with henna
  • Slightly drying out to the hair if utilized without henna (though not as drying out as a routine color)
  • Can have an eco-friendly shade
  • It’s still feasible to be adverse indigo, so patch-testing is essential
  • Has a solid veggie odor.

How to Dye Hair with Indigo Powder

We do not suggest dyeing your hair with simply indigo powder because the outcomes can be uncertain, and also your hair could wind up looking sloppy and also environment-friendly. Instead, it’s much more secure to utilize indigo along with henna! Follow the one-step procedure to accomplish brownish hair or go with the two-step procedure if you desire black hair rather.

No issue which procedure you make a decision to go with, we constantly suggest doing a hair examination initially. Natural hair dyes can be uncertain, so you can discover precisely what type of shade you can anticipate by initially adhering to the procedure on a tiny hair of your hair. You can clip the hair and also color it independently, or you can simply color a tiny hair of hair in the direction of the rear of your head, which will certainly additionally permit you to identify that you’re not adverse the henna or indigo powders.

Pros & Cons of Dyeing Hair with Indigo Powder

You Will Need

No issue which procedure you make a decision to go with, you will certainly require the very same collection of items and also devices:

  • Indigo powder
  • Henna powder
  • Warm water with optional mixers like coffee, lemon juice, salt, or corn starch
  • A non-metal blending dish
  • A hair color brush
  • Non- steel hairpin
  • Disposable or multiple-use rubber handwear covers
  • Old clothing you do not mind discoloration
  • Petroleum jelly
  • A shower cap or plastic bag

Indigo for Brown Hair: The One-Step Process

This approach functions best for those with hair that is dark blonde and also darker for accomplishing a deep redhead tone. Blondes will certainly wish to prep their hair initially by dyeing it with simply henna and after that to follow this procedure.

You can change the proportion of henna to indigo that you utilize to personalize your shade. A 60:40 proportion of henna to indigo will certainly offer you a reddish-brown tone, while a 40:60 proportion will certainly be neutral, although this will certainly additionally rely on your beginning hair shade.

•The eve you prepare to color your hair, prepare the henna mix. Mix the henna with cozy water and also whatever various other mix-ins you pick (we suggest a tbsp of lemon juice, specifically). The mix must have a pudding-like uniformity. Cover it with stick cover and also leave it someplace cozy to procedure. It takes 8-12 hrs for the henna to launch the color.

• The following day, when you prepare to color your hair, collect every one of your items and also devices. Your hair must be tidy and also completely dry with no item in it.

• Next, prepare the indigo mix. Mix the powder with cozy water and also include corn starch and also salt if you would certainly like it to have a smoother uniformity. The last mix must additionally have a pudding-like uniformity. Give the mix 10 mins to procedure.

• While allowing the indigo procedure, obtain prepared. Part your hair right into areas and also clip them up, placed on your handwear covers and also old clothing you do not mind discoloration, and also spread oil jelly around your hairline to avoid the skin from obtaining tarnished.

How to Dye Hair with Indigo Powder

• Once the moment has actually passed, blend with each other the henna mix and also indigo mix in a dish.

• Showtime! Unclip the area of hair you wish to begin with and also different out a smaller sized item of hair from it.

• Using your hair color brush, begin using the indigo and also henna mix to your hair, beginning at the origins and also spreading it downwards throughout. Keep doing this up until the whole area of hair is covered in color.

• With your hands, massage therapy the hair a little to make certain the all-natural hair color mix truly covers every hair of hair.

• Clip that area back up and also carry on to the following area, dyeing it in the very same style.

• Once every one of your hair is filled with the henna and also indigo hair color, stand out on a shower cap or plastic bag and also offer the hair time to absorb the color. This will normally take about 2-4 hrs, relying on just how dark and also extreme you desire the shade to be. The much longer you wait, the extra extreme the result will certainly be.

• Once sufficient time passes, jump in the shower and also wash out the color. Don’ t usage hair shampoo, simply warm water. It might take you a couple of rinses to obtain every one of the shade out.

• You can problem your hair if you feel it’s required, although it’s not necessary in all because the henna itself is fairly moisturizing.

• Once out of the shower, you can allow your hair completely dry normally or blow-dry it on reduced warmth and after that take a look at your brand-new redhead appearance!

Indigo for Black Hair: The Two-Step Process

If your objective is to have dark black hair, you’ll wish to attempt the two-step procedure rather. In this action, rather than blending the indigo and also henna with each other, you initially color your hair with simply henna and after that follow it up with indigo. Another alternative is to color the hair with a mix initially, like in the one-step procedure, and after that to follow it up with one more layer of simply indigo.

This approach functions equally as well when it comes to those with lighter hair as it provides for those with dark hair, although those with lighter hair could wind up with even more of a dark brownish shade the very first time they attempt it. It could take a couple of repeats to lastly fill the hair with sufficient pigment to accomplish black hair.

How to Color Hair with Indigo Powder

• First, color your hair with henna hair color, per our overview to henna hair color.

• Three days to a week later on (after the henna has actually ended up creating in your hair), you’ll prepare to use the indigo hair color!

• Make certain you have whatever you’ll require currently established because indigo hair color procedures relatively promptly. Put on clothing you can tarnish and also make certain you have every one of your devices before you, so you do not need to go running and also looking while the indigo color sheds its effectiveness.

• Once you prepare to begin, put your indigo powder right into a dish and after that include sufficient cozy water for the mix to tackle a yogurt-like uniformity. Add a little corn starch and also salt for also much better outcomes.

• Set the mix apart for 10 mins, and also meantime, clip up your hair right into areas, placed on handwear covers, and also shield your skin with oil jelly, much like you did when dyeing your hair with henna.

• Once 10 mins pass, begin using your indigo to the hair in areas like you did when using the henna mix.

• Once your whole head is covered in indigo hair color, and also all of your hair is clipped up, placed on a shower cap and also offer the indigo powder time to do its magic. It normally takes about 2-4 hrs, much like with henna.

• Once the moment passes, clean the indigo out with warm water. Take your time and also wash the hair extensively to make certain there is no item left.

• Finally, if your hair really feels a little completely dry, you can problem it.

• Once you run out the shower, allow your hair completely dry and after that appreciate your brand-new, raven-haired appearance!

How Long Does Indigo Powder Dye Last?

Assuming you have actually adhered to a 2-step procedure, indigo hair color is normally irreversible, so your hair will certainly not obtain lighter, though its color might discolor a little bit. Some individuals see that after a couple of weeks, their indigo somewhat discolors and also exposes even more of the henna, so the hair looks warmer, however this truly depends upon the specific and also their hair chemistry.

More usually than not, indigo will certainly remain in the hair completely, so just when your origins expand out will certainly you require a touch-up. Touch- ups are normally required every 6-8 weeks.

Indigo Hair Dye Aftercare & & Maintenance

Taking treatment of indigo hair color is a whole lot like preserving various other hair shades. The just distinction is that your hair will certainly currently remain in a much healthier problem right from the beginning!

How to Remove Indigo Powder Dye from Hair?

• In basic, you must attempt and also restrict just how usually you clean your hair because any kind of immediate of hair shampoo will certainly trigger some shade to discolor.

• Hot water is additionally recognized to seep shade out of the hair, so maintain your showers at a warm temperature level. As a bonus offer, your skin will certainly additionally thanks!

• When you do hair shampoo your hair, it’s constantly best to utilize a mild, sulfate-free hair shampoo.

• Avoid handling your hair with excessive warmth, and also rather, stay with allowing it air-dry or blow-drying on a reduced setup.

• If you such as to swim in the swimming pool, fill your hair with water and even a leave-in conditioner, and after that place on a swim cap prior to entering the water. This means, your hair will certainly be shielded from the color-altering impacts of chlorine.

How to Remove Indigo Powder Dye from Hair?

Unlike with pure henna hair color, the issue with indigo powder color is that it has a green-blue base. This suggests that when you attempt to get rid of or discolor it, it can leave your hair looking environment-friendly. There are a lots of success tales around of individuals that handled to get rid of henna from hair, however there are virtually no success tales when it pertains to indigo.

Your best choice when it pertains to fading hair colored with indigo is to integrate routine use a removing, sulfate-based hair shampoos with deep oil therapies making use of oil like grape seed oil, coconut oil, or olive oil.

Simply beginning making use of a harsher hair shampoo in the shower (the precise type of hair shampoo you should not utilize when you wish to preserve your shade!), and also one or two times a week, fill your hair with your oil of option, cover it up in a shower cap, and after that use warmth with an impact clothes dryer. Leave the oil in the hair overnight, and after that clean it out in the early morning with that removing hair shampoo.

Another point you can attempt is Color Oops, which is an ammonia- and also bleach-free shade eliminator. It is the item that is mosting likely to get rid of as much of the indigo powder as feasible with as little damages. However, also with an item like Color Oops, we can not ensure that you’ll have the ability to prevent the feared muddy-green appearance, though it has actually helped some.

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