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Down on the cheeks: how to get rid of it or reduce it? : Current Woman The MAG

Down on the cheeks: how to get rid of it or reduce it?  : Current Woman The MAG

On the chin, over the lips or on the cheeks, hair of the face can end up being complicated. Here are some suggestions to make them disappear.

What is down?

“Some really great hairs normally clear or somewhat brownish depending on the individual “. This is the meaning of down, according to Manon Fuentes, training supervisorBody Minute It might additionally be a lot more significant in some individuals that encounter a hormone discrepancy. This is why most of the time “It enlarges throughout the menopause, notes the specialist.

The strategy not to usage

“Shaving is restricted!”, alertsManon Fuentes While cutting, “You threat creating a lot more hair development as well as production the penalty down thicker.”

“Often the blades of Shaver are broad sufficient: you run the risk of looking at a location where you have no hair, at the threat of developing a lot more. “ Note that depilatory lotion is additionally restricted: “It is additionally a cutting strategy, yet chemical “.

Bleach, the wise technique

Several services are offered to you. You have the clear skin? You can color your down, yet take care: “if your skin tone is dark or dark, the blonde down threat of seeing itself, a lot more than if it had actually not been colored “, alerts the specialist. There are staining packages in shops that appropriate for face locations as well as reliable in mins.

Wax, an efficient service

Another option: shaving. Yes “It can be a lot more or much less unpleasant depending on the individual”, she remains really reliable to get rid of the down or hair thicker of the face “. It can be carried out in an institute for 8 euros on standard (the cost differs according to the beauty salons) or at house with wax strips specifically made for this delicate location. To stay clear of the look of soreness or tiny switches, the specialist recommends to use a cream after waxing as well as for 2 days. “Women that select wax will certainly have to repeat the procedure about every 3 weeks”, clarifies Manon Fuentes.

Permanent hair elimination

Finally, for those that want to get rid of the issue in a manner lasting, there stays pulsed light, “really reliable for rather thick as well as dark down “.

How’s it going? “Upstream, we prepare the customer by discussing to her the concept of pulsed light as well as the feasible contraindications“. Manon Fuentes remembers that throughout this kind of therapy, you must not subject on your own to the sunlight, take particular photosensitizing medications or also make use of particular items …

It’s a therapy “enough time” which can quickly last in between “One as well as a fifty percent as well as 2 years”, due to the fact that it takes on typical “6 to 10 sessions” spaced about 2 months to get rid of the hair In the meanwhile, no doubt of shaving: you have to cut.

If this strategy is the most sturdy, it stays fairly pricey: matter in between 80 as well as 100 euros per session for the underarms for instance (the cost differs according to the institutes).

You can additionally make use of the laser strategy, which it is exercised with a skin specialist.

Thanks to Manon Fuentes, Body Minute training supervisor, for her suggestions.

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How to get rid of facial hair?  : Current Woman The MAG

How to get rid of facial hair? : Current Woman The MAG

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