Connie Seleka Hopes ‘Affair’ Reveals Reality of Stalking – Chicago Tribune

Connie Seleka Hopes ‘Affair’ Reveals Reality of Stalking – Chicago Tribune

HOLLYWOOD — From experience, Connie Sellecca knows some romances that are both sour and wonderful.

The actress wouldn’t say if she was ever stalked by an ex-lover, like the woman she played in the ABC movie “Dangerous Events,” which airs Sunday at 8 p.m. on WLS-Ch. 7.

But she’ll confide in almost anything else.

On her relationship that turned sour: “I was definitely attracted to men’s courtship and whirlwind feeling, which turned out to be wrong,” she said. “That was my first husband, (actor) Jill Gerald.”

She said her fans saw her story in a TV movie called “House of Secrets and Lies.”

As for her wonderful romance, she is keen to continue working with second husband John Tesh, musician, composer and co-host of “Entertainment Tonight”.

“It was a wonderful marriage, but I give all the credit to John,” she said. “He said he was crazy before he met me, but now he realizes that in this family, he has no room for madness because I am.”

Sellecca is proud of her recent work “A Dangerous Affair” and the way she was able to do it.

“It shows how unprotected victims are in stalking situations,” she said. “While researching this, it struck me that the authorities actually tended to recommend self-imposed exile as a solution because no one knew which situations would turn out to be dangerous.

“My character says it’s ridiculous; she’s not going to give up her life…public property. So unless there’s a real clear threat, there’s little protection for the victim.

“I’ve spoken to several women who have been stalked, and I know this issue is really important. And it doesn’t happen mostly with celebrities. There are now 200,000 stalkers at large in this country.”

Sellecca is proud of the way she made the film, which has a lot to do with her 6-month-old daughter Prima.

“I take her to the set every day,” she smiled and stuck her chin out.

“She was 100 per cent cared for – and the cameras never waited for us.”

It made Connie Sellecca happier than she knew. “I’m all right now, you know,” she said with a smile. “I worked hard for this. But I’m going to go through all the pain again to get this.”

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