Bethany Joy Lenz daughter, age, parents, husband, movies, dating, songs, net worth, height

Bethany Joy Lenz daughter, age, parents, husband, movies, dating, songs, net worth, height

Bethany Joy Lenz is a versatile American director, producer, musician and actor.Lentz is best known for her performance in the CW TV series One tree mountain Just like Hayley James Scott.She also played Michelle Ball Santos in the CBS daytime soap opera BeaconThe actress not only has a wide range of acting styles, but also has an affectionate and unique voice.She is also a member of a band named Everly.

Early life and education of Bethany Joy Lenz

Bethany Joy Lenz was born on April 2, 1981 in Hollywood, Florida, USA.Lentz is her daughter George Lenz and Catherine Malcolm Holt Shepard. She is the only child of her parents. Her father was a history teacher and therapist, and her mother was a personnel manager and entrepreneur.

Lenz has American nationality and ethnicity. She has a mixed ethnic background because she is of German, Australian, German and Irish descent. Her grandfather is a singer. Lentz followed in the footsteps of her grandfather and began singing at the Carpenters Church in Lakeland, Florida when she was three years old.

When Lentz was seven, her family moved to Arlington, Texas. There she studied at the Pope’s Primary School. In school, she also took courses in tap dancing, jazz, drama, dance and acting. She also participated in the Creative Arts Theatre. When she was 7 years old, she gave her first stage performance in Munchkin called “The Wizard of Oz”, a local work.

She graduated from Eastern Christian High School in New Jersey.

Bethany Joy Lenz’s career

Bethany Joy Lenz started her first professional series Swan Ferry During her journey to Los Angeles.At the age of seventeen, she starred in the CBS daytime soap opera called BeaconWhen her two-year contract with The Guiding Light expired, she seized the opportunity to leave the role of Michelle Bauer Santos and then moved from New York City to Los Angeles.

Lenz has appeared in many movies and TV series. Her films include Psalty’s Salvation Celebration (1992), I Love You, I Don’t Love You (1996), Thinner (1996), End of August (2000), Bring It On Again (2004), Just Yell Fire: Campus Life (2011) ) ), Christmas Secrets (2014).

Lentz has also played many breakthrough roles in many TV shows, including 1973 (1998), beacon (1998-2000), off-center (2001), it may be me (2002), the Guardian (2003) ), One Tree Hill (2003-2012), etc.

As a result of exiting the guiding light, Lenz completed a demonstration of the original music. Because she was trained as a director at Brooklyn Opera Academy, she wrote music herself, played piano and guitar. In October 2002, she released her first album “Preincarnate”.

Caption: Bethany Joy Lenz Source: Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

After recording “When the Stars Turn Blue” in 2005 Taylor hiltonLater, together with The Wreckers and Gavin DeGraw, they started a One Tree Hill tour in 25 cities in North America in Vancouver.During the tour, Lenz recorded her second indie song called go home. Despite her busy schedule, Lenz recorded her first song music video My pocket.

In 2006, Lenz recorded Halo with former American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi, which was released in the second volume of the One Tree Hill soundtrack. In the same year, Lentz went to Los Angeles to record and write several songs for the soundtrack called “Ten Inch Hero.”

In 2008, Lenz formed a new band called Everly. In November 2012 she joined the Wakey band! Wake up! She also participated in the BTF concert: Rock The Schools 2012 with other singers from the Gramercy Theater in New York City. Lenz sold 9 CDs called Then Slowly Grows at the concert. In 2013, Lenz released her first full-length studio album called “Your Woman” on her blog.

In the spring of 2015, Lenz and Mireille Enos, Peter Krause, Arimi Ballard, and Jay Hayden. In 2017, starred in a thriller Blackmail And in the science fiction TV series colony. The following year, she appeared as Jenny in Intern Grey.

Bethany Joy Lenz’s net worth and salary

Bethany Joy Lenz has made a lot of money from her acting career, according to the celebrity net worth is about 6 million US dollars. The actress has played several iconic roles in movies and TV shows.

Lenz is currently working with an online jewelry company to run her own jewelry collection under her name SteelnestThe prices of most of her works range from US$60 to US$116.

Personal life and hobbies of Bethany Joy Lenz

Bethany Joy Lenz (Bethany Joy Lenz) is a married woman who tied the knot with her boyfriend’s ex-Enation keyboard player Michael Galeotti On December 31, 2005, Lenz and his ex-husband Galetti divorced in November 2005. Although the two have been married for a long time, they divorced in 2013, but the reason for the divorce has not been disclosed.The couple also has a baby girl named Maria Rose Galeotti People born on February 11.

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After they separated, the actress started dating the actors Wesramsey. The couple were found together in several public places. Despite their loving relationship, the couple could not last long and broke up in 2017.

Age, body measurements and other facts

  • Age: As of 2019, Bethany Joy Lenz is 38 years old.
  • Birth signs: Aries
  • Height: Lenz is 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm) tall.
  • Weight: She weighs approximately 163 pounds (56 kg).
  • Body measurement: She has a perfect body measurement of 36-22-34.
  • She has brown eyes and hair color.
  • Lenz’s hobbies are painting, writing, photography, knitting, making stationery and horse riding.

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