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Babyliss hairstyles: ideas and tutorials to learn how to do (Hairstyle Updates)

step by step and 40 photos to get inspired

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Babyliss hairstyles: ideas and tutorials to learn how to do

Whatever the occasion, you can bet on hairstyles with babyliss. They are versatile and combine with braids, buns, tufts, and many other styles. Choosing the thickness of your styler and the way you use it creates different effects, such as more closed curls or very natural waves. Check out several tutorials and photos to get inspired!

How to do hairstyles with babyliss step by step

Do you want to try a new production with your babyliss, but don’t know where to start? We have selected six tutorials of different hairstyle styles, with the complete step by step of each one for you to do at home.

Rock with a babyliss hairstyle on curly hair

  1. Separate the hair into locks and make curls with the babyliss;
  2. Leave a few loose curls close to the face;
  3. With the rest of the hair, separate the top part;
  4. Attach the part closest to the nape of the neck in a ponytail;
  5. Leave a few strands loose from the top;
  6. Secure the rest with a small piranha, making a tuft.

This hairstyle with babyliss is very practical and very stylish. You can do it without babyliss, if you prefer, but the effect of the styler makes it even more beautiful. For curls to last longer, try using a fixative spray. Check out all the details in Keila Grotto’s video:

How to make babyliss: tips for different types of curls

  1. Split your hair in half;
  2. Choose a side and leave a strand loose, securing the rest in a bun;
  3. Place the babyliss face down, positioned behind the lock;
  4. Wrap the strand around the babylis, leaving a space between each lap;
  5. Repeat this procedure for the rest of the hair;
  6. At the front, you can start the bunch lower, leaving the root smooth;
  7. Repeat this procedure for the rest of the hair;
  8. Loosen the curls a little with your fingers, for a more natural effect.

Nina Secrets explained that there are different sizes of babyliss, and each creates an effect on the hair. Therefore, it is important to take into account the type of curl or wave you want, before choosing your modeler. Other points that also differentiate are the thickness of the locks and the position of the curl (forwards or backwards). Check out all the tips to rock the babyliss:

Babyliss hairstyle easy to rock at any event

  1. Separate a strand in the middle of the head and comb from top to bottom;
  2. Place the front part of the hair over the front lock;
  3. Loosen one or two very thin strands from the front;
  4. Secure the tuft with staples, leaving it firmly attached;
  5. With babyliss, curl the ends of the front strands;
  6. Use babyliss on all hair;
  7. Increase the volume by unraveling the strands near the root with a brush;
  8. Arrange the strands out of place with your fingers.

If you want to rock on an important occasion with a chic and very easy hairstyle, this is a great option. In the video, Jessica Belcost teaches you a step by step to make it at home and go to the event looking like she just left the room, it looks so beautiful!

Babyliss hairstyle with braid: a beautiful and romantic option

  1. Babyliss all over the hair, forming open waves;
  2. Create a diagonal division, with a strand from the top of your head to behind your ear;
  3. Attach the other wires, leaving only that strand loose;
  4. Apply tip repair oil over the entire roving;
  5. Take a top layer of the wick and divide it into three parts;
  6. Start braiding, picking up strands from below, as the braid descends;
  7. Just above the ear, braid without picking up more strands from below;
  8. Secure the end of the braid with elastic and loosen the strands, leaving it wide;
  9. Loosen the hair on the sides and secure the braid behind the head with staples;
  10. Hide the hairpins with your hair down.

This braid is practical and quick to make. The main tip to make it beautiful and natural is to loosen the locks well leaving the braid wider. Check out the complete step by step in the video by Priscila Barbosa:

Hairstyle with babyliss and full of charm for vintage brides

  1. Bayliss all over the hair;
  2. Apply ointment on the wires to remove the frizz;
  3. Take wide strands and twist the ends;
  4. Pull the middle part, pushing the rest upwards;
  5. Secure the curls with clips at the nape of the neck;
  6. Finish with an accessory that matches the bride’s outfit.

This stylish hairstyle is inspired by the divas of the 50s. It makes it look like the hair is shorter, like a chanel with a lot of volume. It is a beautiful option for brides and also for other special events. See how Bruno Lemes creates this effect:

Coke with babyliss: stay diva betting on volume

  1. Make a ponytail with the hair on the back of the head;
  2. Babyliss all over your hair;
  3. Lift the ponytail and place a filler underneath;
  4. Put another filler on top, leaving the hair in the middle of the two;
  5. Secure the bangs back with a roll and the side locks with staples;
  6. Go securing ponytail strands in the fillings;
  7. Also attach the strands at the bottom, leaving the ends loose;
  8. Do this with all the hair, until the bottom filler is completely covered;
  9. Loosen the front and sides and secure, covering the front padding;
  10. Leave a few strands of fringe and sides loose.

This is a bun for those who like a lot of volume! It is ideal for parties and needs fillings to keep this effect high on the top of the head. The tip is to pass the fixing spray on all strands, while you hold the strands. Check out Priscila Barbosa’s video:

Whatever your style and occasion, babyliss hairstyles have everything to make you look even more beautiful. Try the ones you like best and rock with a different look!

40 photos of hairstyles with babyliss to get inspired

There are many other types of hairstyles, in addition to these, that you can try out at home. Check it out and rock with the inspirations!

1. Babyliss hairstyles are very charming

2. You can experiment with daring with a tuft

3. Or play with the babyliss braided hairstyle

4. Combine different types of braid

5. A little volume on the top of the head is beautiful

6. In any case, braids enhance the hairstyle

7. The semi-trapped ponytail is super current and stylish

8. And it looks beautiful on long hair

9. With babyliss, you make this hairstyle more volume

10. The high ponytail is also a trend

11. You can combine it with a tuft

12. Or with a side braid

13. The hairstyle looks beautiful with wavy locks

14. Can also be used at a lower height

15. Because it is a classic that looks beautiful in many ways

16. The hairstyle with babyliss in curly hair enhances the strands

17. It can be done in the shortest

18. And it also rocks long hair

19. With enough volume in the curls

20. You can create waves with babyliss

21. With that beach style that we love

22. To rock the party, bet on the curls

23. The loose hair hairstyle with babyliss at the ends looks beautiful

24. And the babyliss bun is also a hit

25. He is pure glamor

26. Looking beautiful in different types of hair

27. Just like the babyliss hairstyle for brides

28. Whether with a luxurious tiara

29. With a touch of volume

30. Or with a romantic braid

31. You can start with an easy babyliss hairstyle

32. And gradually improve

33. The more practice you have, the more professional the result will be

34. It is important to protect your hair when using babyliss

35. With the thermal protector, you avoid damaging the wires

36. Making your hair healthier and more beautiful

37. Whatever your style

38. Or hair type

39. There are several babyliss hairstyles for you

40. Try it and look even more beautiful

Did you like the tips and inspirations? If you want more stylish options, check out 40 super cool Tumblr hairstyles!

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