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60 nail ideas decorated in blue to bet on this amazing color (Nail Ideas)

60 nail ideas decorated in blue to bet on this amazing color

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60 nail ideas decorated in blue to bet on this amazing color

The color blue is on the rise, not only in the fashion world, but also in the world of nails. There are several shades of color that you can explore and combine with very creative nail arts. Therefore, we made a selection of nails decorated in blue and tutorials for you to adhere to the tone with style. Follow on the article!

60 photos of nails decorated in blue that will delight you

Check out our selection of sensational photos of decorated nails that combine the beauty of blue color with the most creative nail arts. Check it out:

1. Blue is one of the most popular colors in the world

2. Has an incredible diversity of tones

3. That look amazing when enameling your nails

4. When combined with beautiful nail art

5. For that reason, nails decorated in blue are magnificent

6. You can explore your creativity

7. And let your imagination run free

8. Royal blue stands out among the favorite shades

9. And matches perfectly with light blue

10. You can use sparkling and glittery nail polish

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11. Or combine turquoise with light pink

12. Flower decorations are a guarantee of success

13. Just like the francesinha smile

14. And baby color nails in light blue tone

15. You can add silver strips to nail art

16. Or draw a beautiful blue butterfly on the ring finger nail

17. See how amazing this decoration full of details

18. Nails decorated in blue match any nail art

19. You can put rhinestone stones

20. Or draw the Greek eye on the only daughter to bring protection

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21. Nude enamel harmonizes very well with blue

22. Just like the white in the only daughter

23. And two darker shades of blue

24. The francesinha with ribbon trim looks very charming

25. And the glitter on the only daughter adds a special touch

26. Nails decorated in blue can be delicate

27. With a more discreet nail art

28. Or more flashy and glamorous

29. Can be more sophisticated decorations

30. And rich in details with a lot of shine

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31. It depends on your taste and personality

32. Stiletto nails with blue accents are bold

33. And in the ballerina format they look stunning

34. As with shorter nails decorated with stones

35. How about the francesinha colored in blue?

36. Nails look stylish, don’t they?

37. See how perfect the French smile in blue with glitter!

38. Decorating ideas are many

39. You can abuse jewelry and stones

40. Stickers and glitter

41. Make simple nail art and add pebbles

42. Adding pink stones to the blue enamel

43. Or do a mix of colors

44. The possibilities are diverse

45. To make your nails look amazing

46. ​​With a shade of blue that draws attention wherever you go

47. Or with light tones for those who like delicacy

48. What can we say

49. Is that blue has become one of the favorite colors

50. When it comes to nail polish

51. And in the decoration of nails

52. For everyday use

53. Or at more popular parties and events

54. Because the nails decorated in blue

55. They look good on any occasion

56. Just choose your favorite shade

57. Unleash the imagination

58. Create your own decoration

59. And put your style on your nails

60. So, have you already chosen the shade of blue and your favorite nail art?

Be it with glitter, stones, jewelry or the classic francesinha, the nails decorated in blue are praiseworthy, right?

How to make nails decorated in blue

Want to learn how to make nails decorated in amazing blue? Watch our selection of videos that show the step by step and make your nail art:

Nails decorated in blue gradient

In this video, the professional Faby cardoso uses two shades of blue to make a beautiful gradient nail art. In addition, it finishes with application of adhesive and finishing with glitter. Check the result!

4 models of nails decorated in blue

If you like very detailed decorated nails be sure to watch this video. You will learn how to make 4 amazing models of nail arts. Follow the step by step and make your favorite model!

Nails decorated in blue easy to make

In this video, the professional Laís Castilho teaches how to make a decoration that combines the classic francesinha with details in flowers. Follow the tutorial and see how easy it is to do!

Nails decorated in blue with jewelry

Glitter and jewelry add more sophistication and glamor to your nails, making them look amazing. Watch the video and learn how to make nail art full of details. Follow the tutorial!

As we saw, the nails decorated in blue are beautiful and full of charm, but if you also like more classic colors, enjoy and check out inspirations of red decorated nails and bet on this vibrant color!

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