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60 ideas of decorated white nails and tutorials to innovate with style (Instagram Collection)

60 ideas of decorated white nails and tutorials to innovate with style

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60 ideas of decorated white nails and tutorials to innovate with style

Decorated white nails innovate the use of classic white enamel, with a lot of creativity, shine and even color. See wonderful ideas, ranging from simple to using stones, as well as videos to have powerful nails!

60 photos of white decorated nails to innovate with glamor

How about a list full of white decorated nail ideas? There will be no shortage of inspirations for you to guarantee elegance! Check it out below.

1. White nails are elegant

2. But with a little decoration

3. This classic gains even more charm!

4. You can bet on simple white decorated nails

5. That they are still innovative

6. How can you also choose something more elaborate

7. There are plenty of options to decorate your nails in a unique way

8. Your nails can be white with gold

9. Or have glitter

10. Because nail polish is amazing

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11. Black, along with white, is a sure bet

12. This combination has no error!

13. Another idea is to bet on stones

14. This one is a perfect inspiration

15. Mainly, if you like remarkable nails

16. How about modern francesinhas?

17. The white color is present, but updated

18. And you can still use other colors and designs!

19. Look how beautiful this model is!

20. Are you looking for more artistic ideas?

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21. So, fall in love with this one

22. Did you see just how much versatility?

23. There are super creative models for all tastes

24. And also nail styles

25. A long square nail idea

26. White decorated nails look beautiful in this shape

27. See what a beautiful decoration

28. But if you prefer more innovative formats

29. Your white nails will look magnificent in the stiletto shape

30. Get inspired with these wonderful nails

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31. How about these beauties here?

32. Too much glamor for one person!

33. If you are a fan of flowers, your white decorated nails will look amazing!

34. Here, delicacy and lightness go together

35. Flowers are everything, right?

36. There is no shortage of creative ideas for those who are from flowers

37. Oh, and you don’t have to paint all your nails white

38. Changing colors makes your nails even more devastating

39. Take another look at this beautiful example!

40. Fall in love with this decoration

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41. And now for this one

42. With nails that beautiful…

43. You will ask yourself if you have an appropriate look for this

44. Your white decorated nails can be super sweet

45. Especially if they have a more income aspect

46. ​​Have you chosen the option that suits you the most?

47. Still in doubt, aren’t you?

48. Too beautiful ideas to choose just one

49. There are no nails for so many great models

50. Think about your personality when choosing decor

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51. Elements that please you

52. And even themes, like kitty

53. Look at how much creativity and style!

54. You can bet on more colorful ideas

55. Or more classic

56. There are beautiful, more discreet models

57. There is no shortage of ideas to delight you

58. And make your nails beautiful for any occasion

59. Unleash your imagination

60. And have envious nails!

Now that you’ve seen countless beautiful white decorated nails, how about learning how to do them? See the videos below.

How to make white decorated nails

In the following tutorials, you will learn how to decorate your nails with simple steps so that your nails are always beautiful!

Simple white nails decorated with glitter

Learn how to make nails decorated with glitter, which will be a hit! They can be used at any time, including for the New Year. Don’t miss the tutorial and tips for applying glitter!

3 white and black decorated nail ideas

Without models you will not be! Gersoni Ribeiro teaches step by step to make nails with black and white. There are three simple options that you can do at home. Check out the unmissable tips!

White Francesinha with flowers

The white francesinha never goes out of style, better only if it is decorated with flowers. If you are one of those who love a little flower, you cannot miss this video that teaches you how to make fluffy and delicate nails!

A more beautiful idea than the other, isn’t it? If you are looking for more inspirations in other colors, see also nails decorated in pink that are wonderful!

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