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50 options of colorful francesinha and tutorials for stylish nails (Nail Ideas)

50 options of colorful francesinha and tutorials for stylish nails

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50 options of colorful francesinha and tutorials for stylish nails

The colorful francesinha is on the rise and is perfect for those looking to innovate based on a classic reference! And for you not to be left out of this, see ideas that range from discreet colors to the most striking and also how to do it.

50 nail art pictures with colorful francesinha for stylish nails

If you still don’t know the colorful francesinha, or if you’re looking for references, you’re in luck today. Get ready to see the most beautiful nails in the universe below:

1. Nail art is always coming up with new ideas

2. One of them is the colorful francesinha

3. The white francesinha style, which is a classic

4. It started to gain wonderful colors

5. And you’ve already conquered a lot of nails out there

6. This modern version allows for countless colors

7. Too much brightness

8. And even different formats

9. The colored francesinha can even be on the toenails

10. How much to spill is a charm!

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11. If you prefer simpler nails, don’t worry

12. The discreet colored francesinha is beautiful

13. You don’t have to stay out of this new sensation

14. But if you like something more extravagant

15. The options are endless

16. You can merge multiple colors

17. Of the most vibrant

18. Like neon

19. Pastels

20. Which are just beautiful

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21. So it is even difficult to decide how to paint your nails, right?

22. The models are too beautiful!

23. One option is to bet on glitter

24. Especially because it never hurts

25. If you prefer something more neutral, but without falling into the sameness

26. Choose a neutral shade to match the colors

27. Red is always a success

28. Just like the rose

29. What about yellow? How cute!

30. Blue tones even give peace

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31. Blue whiting is a luxury and doesn’t even need to be on all nails!

32. Meet the colorful triangular francesinha

33. And also the diagonal

34. Not even the tie dye is left out!

35. You can even make inverted francesinha

36. There is little charm with this leopard francesinha!

37. One color on each nail? Yes you can

38. And it looks perfect!

39. Even decorative designs are welcome in colored francesinha

40. Just like rhinestones

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41. That will give your nails more shine and prominence

42. This francesinha looks great on stilletto nails

43. So you get out of the ordinary twice: color and shape

44. A model for anyone to be defective!

45. Thanks to black francesinha, ok?

46. ​​Just take care of the francesinha

47. Combined with a contrasting color it looks great!

48. Using nude as a background

49. Or more vibrant company colors

50. The important thing is that there are colorful options for all tastes!

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Now that you have seen beautiful options to have devastating nails and get out of sameness, check out some tutorials to make the colorful francesinha without leaving home.

How to make colorful francesinha stylish

Of course, you wouldn’t leave this post without seeing tutorials that will guarantee you the perfect colorful francesinha. Just watch the following videos!

Colorful Francesinha with several colors, but basic

The francesinha with various colors conquers countless hearts. The bottom has a very clear base and enamel, with fine brush strokes. Check out how to do with precious techniques and tips!

Neon colored Francesinha

If you’re a fan of neon tones, this video is perfect! Find out how simple it is to make an ultra-colored little piece using white gel enamel and acrylic powder.

Colorful Francesinha in smile format

The francesinha doesn’t have to be straight, it can have a more curved shape, forming a smile. Neon color is used, but you can use whichever you prefer. Learn how to make this shape and leave your nails stylish.

Colorful Francesinha with glitter

For those who do not give up a sparkle on a daily basis, you can not fail to check how to make the francesinha very colorful with glitter. And the best: there is still pink. Check out this charm!

Colorful Francesinha for toenails

The feet can also have colored francesinha! Here, nude and black form the perfect combination for those who prefer more discreet tones. See the step by step that is beyond simple.

Before you run out to make your francesinha full of color, how about taking a look at more options to make your nails look great? Gradient nails are also love at first sight!

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