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40 square nail ideas that are perfect to rock the look (Beauty Collection)

40 square nail ideas that are perfect to rock the look

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40 square nail ideas that are perfect to rock the look

Square nails are a classic and are perfect to receive the most varied styles of nail art. For you to stay on top of the options, see the ideals that we separated that have discreet and also very eye-catching options, and also tutorials with step by step.

40 square nail photos for a stylish look

If you want to know the possibilities that square nails offer, or if you are looking for references, you have come to the right place. Just below, you can see beautiful nails to be inspired.

1. Square nails with francesinha are beautiful

2. Be in a flashy color

3. With a different format

4. In candy colors with rounded edges

5. And also diagonally

6. Square nails can also be in a single color

7. Like the basic black that goes with everything

8. It is also worth varying in shades of the same color

9. Or combine different colors

10. To get fun nails

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11. You can bet on a charming gradient

12. And give a touch of shine to square nails

13. The options are beyond varied

14. If you like big square nails

15. Has a lot of inspirations to copy

16. To enjoy the full length of the nails

17. You can make a discreet nail art

18. Just like playing in very vibrant colors

19. Square nails can be slightly rounded at the corners

20. And also pretty straight

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21. Long they allow for varied designs

22. Just use your creativity

23. And use all the space available for enamels

24. But small square nails also have their charm

25. And they yield beautiful proposals

26. Regardless of your style

27. Be it with striking colors like red

28. Or using a touch of glitter

29. It is also worth betting on drawings

30. Which can be really cute

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31. And to keep the format always up to date

32. Bet on maintenance with sandpaper

33. This way, you guarantee that your square nails look beautiful

34. Regardless of length

35. And the style of nail art you like

36. But with so many sensational inspirations

37. You can innovate whenever you want

38. And don’t fall into the rut

39. And even with simplicity

40. Square nails are beautiful by themselves

With so many incredible options, it’s easy to get killer nails and get out of sameness whenever you want. Before putting ideas into practice, check out tutorials to copy.

How to make square nails

The time has come to see in detail how to make your nails square and also watch videos with step by step to achieve a perfect result. Take a look below:

How to file square nails

To start with the tutorials, how about learning how to leave your nails in square shape? Already separate pliers or nail clippers, the sandpaper and see all the tips in the video.

How to cut square nails

In this video, you can see how to cut square nails. Thus, you will have less work with the sandpaper, it will enter the scene for finishing. In addition, there are also care suggestions to keep your nails always beautiful.

Square nails with rounded corners

Do you want square nails, but with a rounded finish? To achieve this result of natural nails and finished very well, just follow the tips in the video.

Short square nails

Even if your nails are short, you can leave them square without complications. To follow the step by step of this video, you will need to have a common sandpaper and another for finishing.

If you want even more inspirations of nail shapes to copy, also know the stiletto nails, a modern option that is also full of charm.

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