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40 pictures of nails with blue nail polish to bet on this amazing color (Nail Collection)

40 pictures of nails with blue nail polish to bet on this amazing color

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40 pictures of nails with blue nail polish to bet on this amazing color

Blue enamel is extremely versatile. After all, there are very light shades and darker ones. In addition, you can make different styles of decorated nails to knock out the look of your hands. Below, you can see photos of inspirations, products and also tutorials to copy.

40 lovely blue nail polish photos to get inspired

See in the list below images with the most varied models of nails with blue enamel. There are from very simple options to more elaborate ones.


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1. Blue is a beautiful and striking color

blue nail polish 4

2. With the variation of tones, it is possible to be versatile…

blue nail polish 5

3. …very creative and betting and fun arts with color

blue nail polish 6

4. If you play in the flower trend, it’s a good thing

blue nail polish 7

5. And getting inspired by the sky is another cool idea

blue nail polish 8

6. How about doing each nail in a different way?

blue nail polish 9

7. The double francesinha is perfect to get out of the ordinary

blue nail polish 10

8. For those who want fun, how about a touch of fruit?

blue nail polish 11

9. Or a very different only child

blue glaze 12

10. You can play with shades of blue

blue nail polish 13

11. And even get really bold nails

blue nail polish 14

12. The metallic blue enamel is amazing

blue nail polish 15

13. And it creates an effect that highlights the nails

blue nail polish 16

14. Another tip is to go for glitter

blue nail polish 17

15. To get nails that don’t go unnoticed

blue enamel 18

16. And which are full of glamor

blue nail polish 19

17. How about combining the dark blue nail polish with leopard?

blue nail polish 20

18. A few pebbles also add an extra touch of charm

blue nail polish 21

19. The light blue enamel is perfect for creating a sky effect

blue glaze 22

20. As well as other creative proposals

blue nail polish 23

21. Abstract nails are a trend

blue nail polish 24

22. Just like the only child

blue enamel 25

23. To innovate, how about risking a different format?

blue nail polish 26

24. You can also bet on a marbled effect

blue nail polish 27

25. And even using the seabed as inspiration

blue nail polish 28

26. Baby blue nail polish is super delicate

blue nail polish 29

27. And it goes with very fluffy nails

blue nail polish 30

28. Just like the pastel blue nail polish

blue nail polish 31

29. This is a color that matches all nail shapes

blue enamel 32

30. Just find a proposal you like

blue nail polish 33

31. Be with solid nails, like this idea with turquoise nail polish

blue nail polish 34

32. Or throwing in proposals that are out of the ordinary

blue nail polish 35

33. One thing is certain: you can vary a lot

blue nail polish 36

34. And easily enjoy all the beauty that blue has to offer

blue nail polish 37

35. Even without falling into a routine

blue nail polish 38

36. So, how about enjoying and saving your favorite photos?

blue nail polish 39

37. So, next time you do your nails

blue enamel 40

38. Already have ideas to get inspired

blue nail polish 41

39. To make your hands dazzling

blue enamel 42

40. And full of style

blue nail polish 43

Now that you’ve checked out these amazing photos, you must have been willing to bet on the blue nail polish, right? So, read on for more tips that will help you in this task.

Where can you buy blue nail polish

Did you like what you saw, but don’t have a blue nail polish at home? In the list below, there are varied product options to choose from. One of them could be your face!

  1. Vult Energia Enamel from Cianata Azul Stones, in Americanas;
  2. Peacock Blue Impala Creamy Enamel, at Droga Raia;
  3. Latika Puppy Azul Ciel Enamel, at Submarino;
  4. Enamel Colorama Crmoso Quadrado Azul, at Shoptime;
  5. Dailus Creamy Enamel Make Your Luck Blue Greek Eye at Drogasil;
  6. Enamel Ana Hickmann Celebration Day, at Dafiti.

With these products above, you can make amazing nails and can even vary in nail art style whenever you want, taking advantage of the ideas you’ve already seen.

How to decorate your nails with blue nail polish

Want to paint your nails without leaving the house? So, enough more to check out the following tutorials:

Easy blue decorated nail

In this video, the blue nails are decorated in two very simple ways: one with a little flower and the other with a dot. For the first option, the tip is to use white and yellow enamel for decoration, while for the second option, just white. However, it is worth using the idea as a basis and unleashing creativity.

francesinha blue nail

Love French, but don’t know how to make this nail art? In this video, you check out four tricks to get a great result. Also, here, two shades of blue are used, which is perfect for getting out of the ordinary.

nail color baby blue

This is a smoky gradient proposal in which a sponge is used to achieve this effect. The step by step is very simple, but it guarantees amazing nails for you to rock. See all the details in the video.

blue leopard nail

If you like bolder nails, the leopard print is a great choice. In addition, she leaves the traditional wearing blue. It’s worth testing at home.

It’s easy to fall in love with blue nail polish with the wide variety of proposals it offers. And if you love nail art, also see inspirations with lilac nail polish that are pure charm.

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