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40 photos of charming and delicate lilac nail polish (Beauty Collection)

40 photos of charming and delicate lilac nail polish

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40 photos of charming and delicate lilac nail polish

Lilac enamel is a classic that has always been very successful in square or rounded nails, both for delicate women and for more daring women, who like different decorations to enhance the enamel. Therefore, we have selected photos that demonstrate this and suggestions for stores for you to buy your nail polish. Just look!

40 pictures of beautiful and passionate nails with lilac nail polish

The color lilac never goes out of style and is among the most chosen by those who like to polish their nails with lighter and more delicate tones. Check out beautiful pictures of nails with lilac nail polish and get inspired!

1. Lilac enamel has always been very successful

2. Because color is a classic that never goes out of style

3. And represents serenity and purification

4. Nails with lilac enamel can be decorated

5. You can combine purple with lilac color

6. Combine the nude color with lilac francesinha in V

7. Or with a very delicate decoration

8. You can add gemstones to nail art

9. Or just black polka dots

10. Lilac enamel can be combined with other colors

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11. With stronger colors and glitter

12. You can opt for matte coated lilac enamel

13. And add a lot of shine to the nails

14. Just let your imagination go!

15. You can do the nail art in gradient on the only child

16. Draw your favorite flower

17. Or hearts, if you’re on the romantic team

18. The traditional francesinha matches the lilac color

19. Just like the sparkling nail polish

20. Look at the most charming decor!

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21. With lilac nail polish you can be more daring

22. And make decorations richer in detail

23. Or more creative

24. And full of sophistication

25. It depends on your taste and your imagination

26. Animal print nail art could not be missing

27. Just like flowers in an only child

28. And smoky nails on the tips

29. With lilac enamelling

30. You can create more discreet decorations

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31. Or more elaborate and chic

32. Pebbles always give a special touch to nails

33. Just like the glitter on the only child

34. And rhinestones make your nails beautiful

35. You can innovate with your favorite design

36. And put your personality

37. Combine glitter with pebbles

38. And make a stylish decor

39. That makes your nails beautiful and elegant

40. Ready to rock on a daily basis!

As we have seen, we can explore nail art and make nails more daring and glamorous, highlighting even more this wonderful tone!

Where can you buy lilac nail polish

Next, check out the best stores for you to buy your lilac nail polish and rock it with this passionate color:

  1. Enamel Risqué Creamy Lavender Alma, at Droga Raia
  2. Dailus Enamel, My Daughter, at Drogasil
  3. Impala Zaz Lilac Enamel on Amazon
  4. Enamel Colorama All Produced, in Americanas
  5. Cora Enamel – Lilac 7, at the Submarino Store
  6. Avon Color Trend Lilac Enamel, in Americanas
  7. Anita Xô Pandemia Dias Melhores enamel at Shoptime Store

Did you like our selection of photos and store tips? If you love charming nails and full of details, also check out pink decorated nail inspirations and tutorials for making really stylish nail arts!

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