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40 photos + colorful nail tutorials to innovate in nail art (Beauty Inspo)

40 photos + colorful nail tutorials to innovate in nail art

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40 photos + colorful nail tutorials to innovate in nail art

Opting for colored nails allows many possibilities when it comes to nail polish. This goes for both the choice of color and the styles. If you like to always be different, check out the selection of inspiring colorful decorated nail photos that we have separated and also tutorials with step by step for you to copy at home.

40 pictures of colorful nails for a beautiful look

Below, you can see beautiful images with colorful nails that can please the most varied styles!

1. You can choose only one color of nail polish

2. How do these short colored nails show

3. And yet guarantee a prominent look

4. Colored nails can be a shade on each nail

5. And you can also opt for a touch of glitter

6. That makes all the difference in the result

7. Especially if it is used on all nails

8. Another alternative that does not go unnoticed is the metallized

9. And the only daughter also has her charm

10. How does this inspiration show

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11. You can also make two different nails

12. And get a beautiful result

13. To get out of the ordinary, it’s worth betting on the colorful francesinha

14. Which can count on different formats

15. Another trend is abstract nails

16. That have different designs

17. It also has inverted colored francesinha

18. Vertically

19. And in the shape of a triangle

20. As with decorations

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21. Has colored nails one of each color

22. And also pastel colored nails

23. Which are perfect for those who want a discreet look

24. But let it be full of charm

25. For those who like to stand out

26. It’s worth betting on neon colored nails

27. And also bet on the gradient colored nails

28. Just like making drawings

29. As you can see, the variety is great

30. That way, it’s easy not to fall into the routine

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31. And use colored nails whenever you want

32. Regardless of whether the shape is square

33. Or rounded

34. You can achieve beautiful results with huge nails

35. How does this inspiration show

36. Just like in the shortest ones

37. So, just throw yourself in the colorful nails that you like the most

38. And innovate whenever you want

39. After all, there are plenty of options for that

40. Just choose your favorites

Now, how about saving the photos you like best to use as a reference the next time you paint your nails?

How to make colored nails

Are you going to do your nails at home, but first you want to see tips to get a successful result? So just check out the videos that we separate below:

Neon colored nails

In this video, you learn how to make neon nails with gradient. Thus, it is possible to obtain different combinations and achieve nails that do not go unnoticed.

Tie-dye nails

Tie-dye is a trend not only in clothing and accessories, but also in nails. If you like a colorful look, it’s worth checking out all the tips in the video.

Colorful nails in pastel and neon tones

This is a tutorial that shows three trends: colored nails in pastel tones and at the same time a nail of each color, in addition to neon colored nails. Did you like it? The result is delicate and fun at the same time.

Colored nails one of each color

In this video, the idea is to use the classic French nail as a base, but paint each nail a color. If you want, you can also take advantage of the idea and paint the entire nails.

Gradient colored nails

Have you ever wondered how to make gradient nails? This video suggests using the yellow part of a dishwashing sponge. This is an item that you probably have in the closet at your home and that guarantees a beautiful result at the time of nail polish.

Now just rock the look with beautiful colored nails! But if you want even more options, see also options with military green enamel.

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