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30 round nail ideas for those who want to bet on this shape (Beauty Collection)

30 round nail ideas for those who want to bet on this shape

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30 round nail ideas for those who want to bet on this shape

Round nails are versatile and full of charm. If you’re thinking about joining this format and want to know more about it, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you can check if they break less, photos to use as inspiration with decorated nails and also tutorials to follow at home. For that, just keep reading, it’s worth it!

Round nails break less?

Round nails break less when compared to square ones. This happens because the ends are sanded to obtain the round shape. Without these square corners, it becomes more difficult to get your nails caught in something and, consequently, break them.


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30 pictures of round nails that are simply passionate

Want to see all the versatility of this format? So, you need to check out the following photos. It has from classic options to more innovative ones. One of them could be your face.

1. Round nails are pure charm

round nails 4

2. And allow many nail art possibilities

round nails 5

3. If you like big round nails

round nails 6

4. There are several ideas to use for inspiration

round nails 7

5. You can unleash your creativity

round nails 8

6. For a very stylish result

round nails 9

7. Whether opting for French round nails

round nails 10

8. Which can easily go out of the ordinary

round nails 11

9. Or even using a touch of glitter

round nails 12

10. Turtle shell is pure charm

round nails 13

11. Just like painting each nail in a different way

round nails 14

12. For those who like classics, it is worth choosing a color

round nails 15

13. But there are many ideas to innovate

round nails 16

14. Whether simply changing the shape and color of the nail polish

round nails 17

15. Or making decorated round nails

round nails 18

16. It has inspiration for those who like long nails

round nails 19

17. And also short round nails

round nails 20

18. Regardless of size, this format is a hit

round nails 21

19. Since it doesn’t break so easily

round nails 22

20. And it still has charm to spare

round nails 23

21. You can play with decoration

round nails 24

22. See this idea that has francesinha as a base

round nails 25

23. Changing the classic white for the lilac already makes a difference

round nails 26

24. An only child takes center stage

round nails 27

25. But all the same nails also have their beauty

round nails 28

26. It even has a Christmas-themed idea

round nails 29

27. As you can see, round nails are versatile

round nails 30

28. And also very pretty

round nails 31

29. Therefore, it is worth betting on the format

round nails 32

30. To rock the look

round nails 33

It’s easy to fall in love with round nails after seeing so many beautiful photos, isn’t it? The good thing is that you can vary the nail art as often as you like, as well as the length of the nails to see what suits your style.

How to make round nails yourself

Are you thinking about joining this format without leaving home? So, you need to watch the tips from the videos below. By following the tutorials and with a little practice, you won’t need to go to a manicure to get rounded nails. Just take a look:

How to file round nails

Using just a file, you can already get the round shape for your nails. Want to know how? Just follow all the tips in the video, they are easy to apply and you still get a successful result.

How to make square nails round

Do you have square nails but want to change to the rounded version? So, check out all the details of this tutorial. Whether to have nails that break less or simply to innovate in shape, these tips are worth checking out.

Round nails in no time

In this video, the tip to make the nail round faster is to use the thicker side of the file. After that, just finish with a polishing sandpaper. Check the tutorial for more details.

Fun facts about round nails

Do you want to know more details about round nails and know reasons to adhere to the format? This video might be interesting for you. Here, in addition to the traditional round type, other rounded categories are also addressed, they are: oval, almond and also stiletto.

So, what do you think of round nails? They are a total charm! And if you always love to innovate in the format, also stay on top of stiletto nails, perfect for those who want to get out of the ordinary with a lot of style.

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