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11 Most Iconic Chanel Backpack Styles to Add to Your Designer Collection

A Chanel backpack is the extremely personification of elegant laid-back. These designer knapsacks are stylish and also flexible, can be found in all type of dimensions and also shades. However, some layout aspects are completely iconic, like supported natural leather and also chain bands– not to state the CC logo design.

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Wearing a Chanel backpack is not such as using a regular backpack, since individuals can quickly acknowledge the premium style. A Chanel backpack is a financial investment permanently, so take your time when selecting the right Chanel backpack for you.

In this post, we’ll profile the 11 finest Chanel knapsacks worth purchasing, with all various type of appearances and also dimensions. We’ll describe just how to area a counterfeit Chanel backpack so you do not obtain tricked, and also to surface points off we’ll provide you some recommendations for the various methods you can bring a Chanel backpack relying on the event.

Chanel Backpack Fashion Guide: Contents

11 Best Chanel Backpacks to Hunt for

From one of the most iconic Chanel knapsacks of perpetuity to fresh, brand-new enhancements, these 11 styles make certain to dominate everybody’s hearts!

1. Grained Calfskin & & Gold Metal Chanel Backpack

A Chanel backpack has to be elegant and also comfortable– something you’ll desire to usage for years! This choice is made from black calfskin in the iconic supported Chanel pattern, with elegant gold information and also a metal chain woven with an extra strong natural leather band.

This bag is moderate sized, so it can function incredibly as a daily bag, and also it has an useful zipper opening and also a square envelope pocket at the front to hold smaller sized things. You can acquire this practical bag straight from Chanel.

Best Chanel Backpacks: Grained Calfskin & Gold Metal Chanel Backpack

2. Chanel Gabrielle Small Backpack

The ‘Gabrielle’ line of Chanel bags ended up being quickly iconic, with the first launching consisting of both this pail backpack layout and also hobo bags. This upgraded version is made with gold and also silver-toned leather, which provides it a distinct aged steel look.

Even the chain bands are twin tinted! You can change the method you use this bag for every single event, and also it will certainly make you attract attention as a real fashionista. Be ensured you’re obtaining an initial buy buying this bag straight via Chanel.

Best Chanel Backpacks: Chanel Gabrielle Small Backpack

3. Tweed Chanel Backpack

Because of the trademark tweed product, this is just one of one of the most timeless Chanel knapsacks, although that its back component is made from blue lambskin. This bag is just one of the biggest Chanel alternatives, yet its within is lined with satin so you still desire to treat it with treatment. On the within you have adequate area to bring your favored publication and also vanity case. Chanel’s site is the very best area to obtain this bag.

Best Chanel Backpacks: Tweed Chanel Backpack

4. Green Calfskin Flap Chanel Backpack

If you like a touch of shade, why not select an elegant environment-friendly Chanel backpack? It is made with supported calfskin and also highlighted with the Chanel logo design in gold. It includes a flap top over a drawstring closure for included security, over which there is a gold chain take care of for hand transportation.

The bands themselves are flexible natural leather, and also there is also a little external pocket near the back where you can conceal your key or cards from pocket pickers. This bag is readily available via Chanel straight.

Best Chanel Backpacks: Green Calfskin Flap Chanel Backpack

5. Smooth Chevron Calfskin Chanel Backpack

Not everybody likes the supported calfskin of most Chanel knapsacks, which is when this bag truly charms. It is made from smooth calfskin, and also has the geometric chevron pattern stitched right into it without the usually coming with padding. It has a leading level with a gold chain take care of and also natural leather bands. We truly can not envision an extra stylish and also classy layout for a bag! You can obtain it from Chanel.

Best Chanel Backpacks: Smooth Chevron Calfskin Chanel Backpack

6. Grained Calfskin Chanel Backpack

This bag is made from the softest natural leather, and also lugging it would certainly be a reward for any individual. It flaunts some essential Chanel backpack aspects like a little bucket-style layout with a drawstring leading covered by a flap, and also the Chanel logo design front and also facility. Differences can be found in the type of a mix of chain bands that vanish right into a size of belt-style natural leather bands, and also the iconic Chanel logo design in natural leather instead of gold. Order it online from Chanel!

Best Chanel Backpacks: Grained Calfskin Chanel Backpack

7. Nautical Chanel Backpack

Coco Chanel’s love for all points watercraft and also sea is well recorded. This visuals Chanel backpack shows that love clearly, with a private yacht portrayed throughout its front. The print is black and also white versus a nude-pink sea and also skies. The mass of this bag is made from cotton, in a stylish layout, with some natural leather aspects too.

It’s a bigger bag, best for continuing getaway– particularly if you’re directly a cruise ship! This is the sort of bag that just turns up when every couple of collections, so if you like it, acquire it from Chanel quickly.

Best Chanel Backpacks: Nautical Chanel Backpack

8. Chained Leather Chanel Backpack

Gold chain information have actually abounded on the Chanel paths just recently, so we mored than happy to see some Chanel backpack alternatives decorated with chains! This backpack’s front is covered in calfskin, with grained calfskin utilized for the fifty percent that opts for the flap. The bag’s bands are made from natural leather, with the components connected to the bag near the bottom made from chain. Get this charming little bag straight from Chanel!

Best Chanel Backpacks: Chained Leather Chanel Backpack

9. 31 Rue Cambon Chanel Backpack

In 1918, Coco Chanel bought a complete structure at 31 Cambon Street in Paris, where she basically produced the principle of the modern-day shop. This bag pays tribute to the iconic address, with a cotton and also nylon pail bag layout that advises us of an old material buying bag.

It is just one of the biggest bags on this listing, and also it is likewise extremely laid-back, so absolutely wait for lengthy days and also road design looks. It still has the natural leather bands decorated with chains that are a crucial component of the brand name. This bag is readily available straight via Chanel.

Best Chanel Backpacks: 31 Rue Cambon Chanel Backpack

10. Chanel Oh My Boy Graffiti Backpack

In 2014, Karl Lagerfeld surrendered to the extremely punk impulse to attract throughout his Chanel backpack styles and also to cover them in pins and also woven string decorations, maybe similarly several of us did when we were angsty teenagers in senior high school. The bag has an ultra-distressed look, yet it’s still clearly Chanel– the logo design and also the 31 Rue Cambon address are both published on the bag.

These days it’s tough to locate this Chanel backpack, yet you could still be able to grab one at Vestiaire Collective, which retails genuine pre-loved Chanel bags.

Best Chanel Backpacks: Chanel Oh My Boy Graffiti Backpack

11 Pink Lambskin Chanel Backpack

You desire individuals to notification you when you use a Chanel backpack, so a deep pink is definitely an optimal option. This bag has a really basic, structured layout, with a zip-top opening and also a natural leather take care of and also bands. The natural leather itself is a smooth lambskin covered in a ruby pattern. This bag can be bought straight from Chanel.

Best Chanel Backpacks: Pink Lambskin Chanel Backpack

How to Spot a Fake Chanel Backpack

Like with numerous various other Chanel items, in addition to with various other designer brand names generally, there are numerous merchants around marketing imitation Chanel knapsacks. It’s crucial that you find out just how to discriminate in between an authentic Chanel backpack and also a phony one, to prevent being ripped off out of countless bucks.

Buy Direct

If you acquire your Chanel backpack straight from a Chanel shop or fromChanel com, after that you’ll understand that you’re obtaining the actual bargain, and also very first hand to boot! Skip the concern of monitoring and also validating from uncertain on-line merchants, and also go just to the resource.

The Duster Bag

Even Chanel knapsacks feature a duster bag. A real reseller will certainly constantly hold on to the duster bag, as it is a crucial component of validating a Chanel bag.

The duster bag must be black, and also fixed up with words ‘Chanel’ in white uppercase. The print needs to be completely strong and also begin white, and also the font style needs to be the best dimension and also density. You must be quickly dubious if the backpack comes without a duster bag, or if the duster bag isn’t well-printed.

How to Spot a Fake Chanel Backpack

Serial Number

All Chanel knapsacks and also bags have an identification number. The identification number is constantly 8 numbers or much less, and also a Google search of the identification number will certainly compare with your bag’s version and also the year it was made. The identification number turns up on a sticker label, although the area of the sticker label differs from bag to bag.

Authenticity Card

Unfortunately, a Chanel credibility card is relatively very easy to duplicate, although you must still provide it an excellent appearance. The number on the credibility card must match the identification number on the sticker label. The card needs to be thick and also company, sort of like a charge card.

An authentic credibility card will certainly constantly be flawlessly lined up, with a grey circle on the leading right edge (a minimum of for bags made in 2005 and also after). Lastly, understand that in some cases phony credibility cards have a hologram result especially over the metal letters, while a genuine card never ever does.

Leather Quality

Have a consider the product of the Chanel backpack you have actually bought or are really hoping to acquisition. While not all Chanel knapsacks are made from natural leather, most are. The natural leather needs to really feel soft and also flexible, and also made from either calf bone, goat, or lamb.

The natural leather on Chanel knapsacks is hardly ever covered with anything, so it needs to have a natural structure that is somewhat irregular. If the natural leather is extremely glossy or level, that must increase some problem.

How to Buy a Chanel Backpack

Quality of Embroidery

Chanel knapsacks are frequently covered in a quilted pattern or a ruby needlework. Since Chanel knapsacks are made by knowledgeable craftspeople, the needlework needs to be also and also strong, particularly along the lower joints. If you see disproportion, that must increase some significant questions, especially if the bag is expected to be brand-new.

The interlocked Cs of the Chanel logo design are a vital aspect of every Chanel bag, consisting of the knapsacks. Any variance from the initial layout of the logo design will certainly make a phony backpack very easy to area.

The logo design can appear as a closure or equally as a little decoration on the bag, in addition to in the type of a print. The method both Cs interlock is necessary– the right C overlaps the left C on top, and also the left overlaps the precisely all-time low. The ends of each letter are completely level instead of rounded, and also if the logo design is made from steel, both back screws must be fixed up with “Chanel” and also “Paris” specifically.

Additionally, the high quality of the equipment utilized for the logo design is one more signifier– the logo design on a fake bag could peel off or discolor overtime, while it will certainly stay strong and also glossy on a genuine Chanel backpack.

The Chain Straps

The chain bands on Chanel knapsacks are one area where also excellent replicators fall short. Woven via the bands is a slim size of natural leather that must constantly be of the very same high quality as the natural leather of the Chanel backpack itself. That natural leather band must be stitched uniformly, with no item of it folded.

How to Wear a Chanel Backpack

Stitch Count

Especially when it comes to supported styles, the needlework and also sewing on Chanel knapsacks must constantly be thick, with a high stitch matter. A counterfeiter will hardly ever experience the initiative of utilizing adequate stitches on the bag.

Perfect Lining

The lining inside a Chanel backpack can be made from a range of products, yet the trick is that it’s perfect– it lays level versus the body of the backpack, and also it never ever wrinkles or obtains bumpy. It is likewise extremely well connected to the bag. Any blemishes signify a counterfeit.

The Chanel logo design needs to likewise be embossed on the internal component of the bag. Check that it is really embossed right into the product of the bag, instead of published over it.

Additionally, the logo design on the within must coincide shade as the equipment logo design outside. The font style needs to be the best dimension: 3.3 centimeters in elevation. On the inside it will certainly likewise typically claim whether the bag was made in France or Italy, although not constantly.

Overall Quality

Simply placed, your Chanel backpack needs to feel and look luxe. It must stand upright, and also show up strong and also well made. Any problems in building or anything that does not show up well built is a certain indication that your bag is a fake.

How to Carry a Chanel Backpack

Ask a Professional

There are many individuals whose occupation is to verify designer bags! You can connect to the authenticator on the Chanel online forum at, or you can get in touch with a verification solution like

How to Carry a Chanel Backpack

Because Chanel knapsacks are far more than simply your typical backpack, there are a couple of various methods to use them! The little bag dimension, coupled with the lengthy size of the bands, suggests you can change just how you use a Chanel backpack to deal with various clothing and also events.

Backpack Carry

This is the best method to bring your Chanel backpack if you are going to be out and also around all day, like events, excursion, or task days. Simply use each band over each shoulder like you would certainly any type of various other backpack.

Because of the size of the bands, most Chanel knapsacks will certainly rest reduced on your back so they will not cover your shoulders or the attire you’re using.

Shoulder Carry

By drawing both bands of your Chanel backpack with each other, you can use it over simply one shoulder. This will certainly appear like a typical shoulder bring for any type of ladies’s handbag that has longer bands, and also with most Chanel knapsacks it is elegant sufficient to permit you to bring the bag right into much more advanced circumstances like job conferences or supper days.

Cross-Body Carry

With some Chanel knapsacks both shoulder bands are really simply one band that is divided by the cinch top of the bag. You can draw the band out from the front of the bag so it is one lengthy loophole, and after that use the bag as a distinct cross-body choice.

This can be extremely comfy with smaller sized bags that are not also hefty, and also it can look elder and also stylish than a backpack bring, yet still laid-back.

How to Style a Chanel Backpack

Inner Chain Shoulder Carry

This is one more technique for lugging a Chanel backpack that just collaborates with a drawstring-style top.

• Pull the bands of the Chanel backpack from the internal component of the bag, to make sure that they deal with each various other.

• Slide your hand via both loopholes that they make, therefore that the backpack rests pleasantly versus your side.

This is a shoulder bring that will certainly make your Chanel backpack look a great deal like a bag!

Elbow Carry

This last technique will certainly permit you to use your Chanel backpack like a purse!

• Pull the bands out of the cinched top of the backpack, to make sure that they appear in 4 loopholes.

• Line up the loopholes, and after that glide your arm via them to bring the bag on your joint, or simply order a hold of them with your hand.

This is one more terrific choice for taking your Chanel backpack with you to the workplace or on a day!

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