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10 tutorials on how to cut bangs for you to bet on the look (Hairstyling Hot trends)

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10 tutorials on how to cut bangs for you to bet on the look

Renewing the look is all good. When it comes to hair, the bangs are one of the changes that make the most difference, and can greatly favor your face shape and style. If you want to know how to cut bangs at home, it is important to do a good research first, checking out tutorials and tips. To facilitate your search, we have selected videos teaching different types of cuts. Check out!

How to cut bangs for round face: learn and rock

  1. With the bangs washed, dry it by brushing it forward;
  2. Divide the hair in half;
  3. Separate the fringe into a triangle with a depth of two to three fingers;
  4. Join the entire fringe and rotate twice with your fingers;
  5. Holding the bangs forward, make the cut;
  6. After setting the size, repeat with the scissors vertically.

This cut is simple to make, but you need to pay close attention and cut gradually, so as not to take more length than you would like. Another important tip from Namie Kishimoto is to use specific scissors for haircuts. Thus, the result will be much more beautiful.

Who you combine: this type of fringe is great for those with a round face, as the peaked effect provides lightness to those who wear it. Thus, the cut makes the face look more elongated.

How to cut straight bangs: everything to avoid getting your hand wrong in the cut

  1. Separate your bangs from the rest of your hair;
  2. Comb the bangs forward with a fine comb;
  3. Start by cutting a finger below where you want it to be;
  4. Adjust the size with scissors, leaving the strands very straight;
  5. Repeat the ends with the scissors diagonally.

The straight bangs are a little harder to hit than the others. So, Stephanie Suero’s tip is to cut with a good pair of scissors and get the cut right over the first few days, as the bangs change a little after you wash. She also warns that if you have never cut before, it is best not to take any chances alone.

Who you combine: the straight bangs usually look good on oval-shaped faces, but nothing prevents you from wearing it even if you have a different type of face, if you feel good about it. The important thing to remember is that this is a cut that requires frequent maintenance to stay the way you want it to.

How to cut side gradient fringe: gain movement and lightness

  1. Separate the fringe from the rest of the strands;
  2. Comb forward and center with your nose;
  3. Roll it all up and cut to the desired height;
  4. Roll to the other side and repeat the ends with the scissors vertically.

This type of fringe has a beautiful trim, being used on the side. The gradient effect is easy to make and makes your cut stylish and light, like Beatriz Bielow’s.

Who you combine: the side gradient fringe is great for all face shapes. It is ideal for those who do not want to have to do maintenance as often and combines with short or longer hair.

How to cut disconnected bangs: give up your curls

  1. With dry hair, separate two fingers from the strands forward;
  2. Gradually cut each bunch until you reach the desired size;
  3. Finish with the fork comb.

This cut taught by Jessica Gomes is quite easy. The secret is to cut in an unstructured way and with care, not to make it shorter than you want.

Who you combine: this fringe suits a lot with those who have curly hair, but it also looks great on other wire structures. It is ideal for those looking for a more relaxed look.

How to cut short bangs: throw yourself in this bold look

  1. Comb your bangs forwards;
  2. Cut at least one finger below the height you want;
  3. Gradually repeat with the scissors until it is the desired size.

Raphaela Neves taught how to make a very short fringe. The tip is, after cutting, adjust the cut in the first days, as you feel the need. She also warns that it is not good to make a flat iron or brush before cutting, as this will make your hairs stand on end.

Who you combine: this fringe is for those who like to dare in style! It combines with all face shapes and requires frequent maintenance, because, as it is very short, it changes very fast, as it grows.

How to cut curtain bangs: the style that never goes out of style

  1. Separate three fingers of bangs from the rest of the hair;
  2. Place the tips of the tips behind the ears;
  3. Holding the bangs forward and rotate the lock once;
  4. Cut the ends straight;
  5. Peak the ends with the scissors vertically;
  6. Separate two side locks and place behind the ears;
  7. Cut the ends of the central lock and cut again;
  8. Remove the wires from behind the ear and divide everything in half;
  9. Hold each strand diagonally and cut accordingly.

This fringe is super charming, because it has a trim that frames the face. It is not entirely short, it is easy to use in different ways.

Who you combine: the curtain bangs match that you like a more retro look, because it has that cool style from the 70s. It looks good on all face shapes and is usually used split in half.

How to cut Brigitte Bardot bangs: rock the retro look

  1. Separate the fringe from the rest of the hair, forming a triangle;
  2. Separate a layer of the fringe back and secure it with a clamp;
  3. Place the side locks behind the ears;
  4. Twist the center part a little and cut at the middle of the nose;
  5. Unravel the wick from the center with the scissors vertically;
  6. Loosen the side locks and cut with the scissors diagonally;
  7. Finish by peaking the ends to the desired length.

Brigitte Bardot is a French actress and activist well known for her work and also for her unique beauty. The curtain bangs she wore became one of the most requested cuts in beauty salons. In this video, Lia Pedroso teaches you how to make this fringe on yourself.

Who you combine: this cut follows the same style as the curtain fringe. Therefore, it is a classic that is always in fashion and combines with all types of face.

Fringe in curly hair: throw yourself into this trend

  1. Separate the bangs to the front, forming a triangle;
  2. Pin the rest of the hair back;
  3. Thread the bangs and cut at the chin;
  4. Spray water on the bangs and mash the curls with a little gelatin, so they can define themselves;
  5. Dry with dryer;
  6. With the dry wires, cut the ends gradually, until you reach the desired size.

The curly bangs are super hot, creating a current look and, at the same time, vintage, since the cut was already fashionable in the 80s. The main tips for cutting like this are the following: do not wet your hair before cutting, so that you know the real size that the fringe will have, and cut it very little by little, to have a greater control of the result.

Who you combine: who has curly hair and loves to play in the trends has everything to do with this style of bangs! It looks great on different lengths of yarn, as long as you don’t mind having enough volume.

How to cut fringe: learn this super easy technique

  1. Separate the hair from the middle of the head to the front;
  2. Rotate that lock;
  3. With the tip of the scissors facing downwards, cut to the desired size.

This fringe is one of the easiest to cut and is perfect for those who have no experience, but want to change the look a little. It is also very easy to care for and does not require frequent maintenance.

Who you combine: the long bangs match all types of face and hair textures. It has a relaxed style and, when thrown to the side, it provides a charming and attractive look.

Look stylish with bangs in your curly hair

  1. Separate the fringe from the rest of the hair;
  2. Stir the root a little so that the bangs are at the right height;
  3. Cut off excess ends;
  4. Finish by cutting at the desired height, without stretching the strands.

Frizzy hair looks beautiful with bangs, enhancing volume and framing the face. Luany Cristina’s tip is to cut with dry and finished hair, so you know the exact height that your hair will be.

Who you combine: this type of fringe looks great on all types of faces, especially for those with a large forehead. It is a very stylish cut and ideal for those who want to change the look without decreasing the length of the hair.

Have you decided what your next bangs will be? So, throw yourself and rock! Remember all the tips and, if you are still in doubt, look for a professional to have no regrets. Also check out the tips of a visagist for those who want to join the fringe!

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